Health, other services at Night Shelter being upgraded

Last Updated on Sunday, 10 January 2021, 10:09 by Denis Chabrol

The dorms at the Night Shelter are being re-tiled.

The Night Shelter, which is a temporary refuge for the homeless, is now offering improved basic health services to occupants, the Ministry of Human Services said at the weekend.

The Ministry of Human Services says five Patient Care Assistants have been employed to take care of persons who are differently-abled and unable to take care of themselves. Government says this is one of a number of health care initiatives that have been introduced over the last two months.

Human Services Minister Dr. Vindhya Persaud says her ministry and the Health Ministry have teamed up to treat occupants of the Night Shelter who suffer from ailments such as diabetes, tuberculosis and mental health related issues. The National Tuberculosis Programme and the Ambulance Service of the Georgetown Public Hospital are also reportedly part of efforts to improve the quality of care and response.

“This is a collaborative effort between our Ministry and the Ministry of Health whereby persons who suffer from diabetes, tuberculosis and mental health related issues are treated at the facility by medical professionals. I would like to extend my gratitude to Dr. Jeetendra Mohanlall, National Tuberculosis Programme Manager and his team for this timely support,”  Dr. Persaud stated.

The now 20-year old Night Shelter, according to the Human Services Ministry, Dr. Vindhya Persaud, now has a Mental Health and Physical Wellbeing programme.

Authorities say there are plans to soon offer skills training and other programmes to reintegrate persons back into society. The Night Shelter, which is located on Arapaima Street, East La Penitence, can accommodate up to 150 persons.

The Human Services Ministry says the washroom facilities and the dorms are currently being retiled and repainted, while the electrical circuit systems are being rewired.