Surinamese Embassy reaches out to Bless the Children Home for Independence anniversary

Last Updated on Sunday, 29 November 2020, 8:00 by Denis Chabrol

Suriname is celebrating its 45th independence anniversary in Guyana by reinforcing a children’s home in Guyana against the coronavirus, COVID-19.

“If it is your birthday and it is such a special number, it is always pleasant if you can reach out to your close surroundings,” said Chargé D’Affaires, Ms. Liselle Blankendal.

The former Dutch colony celebrated its independence on November 25, 2020.

Ms. Blakendal said, with the assistance of sponsors, the embassy in Georgetown donated much needed supplies and also engaged the children in an educational exercise about Suriname. “The Embassy has decided to make the Bless the Children Home happy
by treating them and has also donated sanitizing products to the home as part of  helping to combat the Covid-19 virus. This activity has been made feasible with contributions from loyal sponsors,” the Suriname embassy official said.

Representatives of the Suriname Embassy and the Bless the Children Home, Industry Front Road, East Coast Demerara

The children of the home were also provided with information about Suriname in a fun,  festive and interactive way. They were told aboit the colors and the by Gevencio Doorson, son of Chancellor Ms. Luancia Amalensi. “The children were happy and have promised to do their best at school so that when they grow up and have a job they will also visit the beautiful country of Suriname,” Ms. Blankendal said.

The Suriname embassy notes that  Guyana-Suriname relations have always been good and friendly.

The Presidents of Guyana and Suriname  have agreed to deepen and expand the cooperation between the two countries through the Strategic Dialogue and Collaboration Platform (SDCP) which they will monitor.

The launch of the SDCP took place last week when President Ali visited Suriname to participate in the celebration of the 45th Anniversary of Suriname’s Independence.