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Suriname eyes Cuba, Barbados rice markets

Last Updated on Sunday, 15 December 2019, 20:06 by Writer

Earlier this month, Minister Rabin Parmessar conducted follow-up talks about exports to Barbados. (Photo: LVV)

Suriname’s Agriculture Minister, Rabin Parmessar is in Cuba to secure rice exports for next year. 

That country’s ministry says it will do everything to make urea fertiliser and other inputs available at attractive prices and as soon as possible.

Starnieuws reports Mr. Parmessar as saying Suriname — representatives of the rice sector and government — has been searching for new rice markets for some time now.

Cuba currently buys a large quantity of rice from Guyana, and well-known Guyanese rice producer, Nan Persaud, has invested in a rice mill in that Spanish-speaking Caribbean nation.

Suriname’s Agriculture Ministry says that country’s ambassadors have visited several countries and the French Department of French Guiana to acquire new rice markets.

Authorities in Suriname say Barbados is interested in buying rice from Paramaribo. Discussions are ongoing with Canada, Guadeloupe and Martinique to secure markets for the grain.