DDL powers up with natural gas; commissions Guyana’s first regasification terminal

Last Updated on Sunday, 13 October 2019, 21:29 by Writer

Mark Superville of Safety Pass Alliance Trinidad and Tobago (SPATT) Limited with DDL employees during the practical sessions of the LNG Training.

Demerara Distillers Limited (DDL) says it is now using liquefied natural gas (LNG) to power its operations, having commissioned Guyana’s first LNG regasification terminal.

The terminal is located at Plantation Diamond, East Bank Demerara.

“We are very excited to be the first Guyanese company to use LNG for our power generation needs,” said DDL’s Chief Financial Officer, Vasudeo Singh.

“As part of our efforts to diversify our fuel supply to cleaner alternatives we studied the options and concluded that LNG or natural gas is a safe and proven fuel globally as well as here in the Caribbean region where it is being used extensively in Jamaica, Barbados and the Dominican Republic in operations similar to ours. We are also pleased to partner with ICON LNG who provided us a turnkey equipment and supply solution for regular LNG deliveries,” Mr Singh was quoted as saying in a statement issued by the company.

The company explains that LNG is natural gas that has been chilled to minus 160 Celsius, turning it into a liquid and making it safe to load and transport in specially designed containers. According to DDL, when warmed back to atmospheric temperature at DDL’s regasification terminal, the LNG becomes natural gas and is used to power electric generators and boilers.

DDL says when used for power generation, natural gas emits significantly less carbon dioxide (CO2), fewer sulphur and nitrogen oxides, and almost zero particulate matter, making it the cleanest of all fossil fuels.

Working with its Trinidad-based LNG fuel supplier, ICON LNG Trinidad Limited, DDL says it converted a pair of its diesel generators to dual fuel, which are powered on a mixture of natural gas and diesel.

This, the company says, is helping DDL become one of Guyana’s cleanest power producing companies.

To support the LNG operations DDL recently trained several of its employees in LNG awareness and safe handling procedures.

The training course was conducted by health and safety instructor, Mark Superville, of Safety Pass Alliance Trinidad and Tobago (SPATT) Limited.

The course covered a range of critical topics including the properties of LNG, LNG tank design, loading and unloading procedures, required personal protective equipment and spill response procedures.

Also included in the training was a hands-on curriculum at DDL’s regasification terminal where attendees became familiar with the operational controls of the LNG tanks, and proper procedures for connecting and disconnecting the tanks to the regasification terminal.

Port personnel and truck operators from John Fernandes Ltd also attended the training seminar.

ICON LNG Trinidad Limited is a Trinidad-based company that delivers liquefied natural gas in the Southern Caribbean.