Third Guyanese company enlisted on stock exchange

Last Updated on Monday, 2 September 2019, 18:55 by Writer

A sprawling 700-acre agricultural estate, operating under the name Pomeroon Trading, is set to become the third Guyanese company to be listed on the Guyana Stock Exchange in 10 years.

Company Advisor, United Kingdom parliamentarian, David Lammy, says the company is about to sell more than 130,000 shares at US$7.50 per share to any new investor.

“Pomeroon Trading will be just one of three companies to successfully list on the Guyana Stock Exchange over the last decade. The management hopes that this timing, allied to the economic growth that Guyana is now enjoying, will help encourage many others to follow in our footsteps-and deliver good returns to new shareholders,” Lammy said.

The agricultural estate is flanked by the Pomeroon River and the Atlantic Ocean.

Pomeroon Trading says it began growing coconuts and tropical fruits in the Pomeroon in 2017.

The company says its vision from day one was to build a sustainable agriculture company focused on exports but with a strong social mission.