Minister Broomes not being restricted – President’s Ministry

Last Updated on Friday, 28 June 2019, 7:44 by Writer

Minister Simona Broomes

The Ministry of the Presidency says Minister Simona Broomes is not being restricted in doing her work in the areas of youth unemployment and training, following a meeting between her and President David Granger.

The Ministry of the Presidency refutes any suggestions that Minister Broomes is being curtailed from executing her workplan as outlined by the President.

“The two met on Wednesday, a day after Demerara Waves Online News reported that she had been merely given an office, desk and chair with no resources to carry out her duties as Minister responsible for Youth Affairs,” the Ministry of the Presidency said.

Granger and Broomes, government said, met “to refine her work programme for youth affairs.”

“The Head of State and Minister Broomes will continue to work together to address the challenges of youth unemployment and training,” the Ministry of the Presidency said.

The Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) is on record as estimating youth unemployment in Guyana to be at 40 percent.

The Ministry of the Presidency did not react to concerns in some quarters that Minister Broomes had been noticeably absent from the Granger-led government outreach to her hometown of Bartica.

Being the Minister responsible for Youth Affairs at the Ministry of the Presidency, this is Broomes’ third ministerial post since the coalition came to power in 2015. She previously served as Junior Minister of Social Protection and Junior Minister of Natural Resources.