“There is no upsurge in crime in the State of Guyana”- Police Commissioner

Last Updated on Monday, 3 June 2019, 23:10 by Writer

Police Commissioner, Leslie James.

Guyana’s Police Commissioner, Leslie James on Monday declared that there is no spike in crime in the country, despite repeated daily reports that pedestrians and businesses are being robbed almost on a daily basis.

James instead attributed the perception of increased crimes to “sensational” media reports. He assured the Guyanese diaspora and visitors that crime is not on the increase. “I wish to advise very, very clearly that there is no upsurge in crime in the State of Guyana,” he told a news conference.

Asked to respond to reaction by the public that claims of low crimes figures are a “joke”, the Police Commissioner said he was relying on “our numbers” that reflect no hike in crime.

The Guyana Police Force has not provided any crime statistics for 2019 to the media.

In the wake of a spate of violent crimes in East Berbice-Corentyne, police last month killed three prime suspects and recovered three guns. Days later, three other armed bandits were shot dead by police in Lodge, Georgetown, when they faced off with lawmen who had responded to a report of a home invasion and robbery. One of two Stabroek Market robbers was arrested with a gun.

The Police Commissioner said there has been “much improvement” in responding to reports of crime. He called on persons to report instances of lacklustre response by the police emergency’s 911 number.

During the past three months, at least one well-known personality and a woman had complained bitterly that no one had answered repeated calls to the 911 number.