Guyana-bound Caribbean Airlines passengers endure long waits aboard plane

Last Updated on Monday, 4 March 2019, 17:32 by Writer

Hundreds of passengers aboard a Caribbean Airlines plane that was destined directly from New York to Guyana waited for about five hours aboard the aircraft before it finally departed, passengers complained.

BW 527 was due to leave New York at 12:25 Monday morning, but did not do so until 4:26 am. Then after a lengthy layover period in Trinidad because the crew time expired, the passengers arrived in Guyana at 4:12 Monday afternoon.

One of the passengers, who is a senior government official, said the passengers were even more upset when they were made to wait another two hours aboard the plane when it landed Monday afternoon at Trinidad’s Piarco International Airport.

“Passengers on BW 527 New York to Guyana are up in arms about the treatment meted to them by the Caribbean Airlines. The passengers have been on the aircraft for the past 13 hours. Five hours in NY due to bad conditions, heavy snow fall and now have been in Trinidad for over two hours,” the passenger said.

Passengers were said to be “unhappy” because very little communication came from the flight crew.

Though the flight should have been direct from New York to Georgetown, a decision was taken to stop in Trinidad for about 45 minutes. However, more than two and a half hours later, the passengers were “still sitting in the aircraft”.

“No hot meals have been served,” Demerara Waves Online News was told.