Jamaica confiscates 70 tonnes of Guyanese rice

Last Updated on Saturday, 9 February 2019, 19:11 by Writer

Reproduced from Jamaica Observer

KINGSTON, Jamaica — The Food Storage and Prevention of Infestation Division (FSPID), in the Ministry of Industry, Commerce, Agriculture and Fisheries (MICAF) says it has confiscated 70 metric tonnes (1,575 bags) of White Cinderella rice from Guyana due to high microbial content.

The rice, valued at approximately $4.6 million, was imported from Guyana by a local distributor and was found to have signs of mould growth, clumping discolouration and wetting, and as a result was detained by a food storage inspector.

The Division advised that a statutory detention notice was subsequently placed on the rice and samples collected were submitted to the FSPID’s Microbiology Laboratory for testing.

The results revealed that the rice had microbial levels above the accepted limits and as such was deemed not suitable for human consumption and was condemned.

The seizure is said to be the first for the year and was imported by a large chain distributor in Jamaica with whom the matter was discussed extensively.

The Division further advised that in keeping with the Food Storage and Prevention of Infestation (FSPI) Act (1958) and Regulations (1973), the rice was detained while arrangements were being made for disposal.

The FSPID is a regulatory department with responsibility for ensuring the safety and wholesomeness of food entering commerce.