Justice Kennard rules out apologising to Mayor Chase-Green for “shut up” order

Last Updated on Monday, 29 October 2018, 12:37 by Denis Chabrol

Georgetown Municipality Commission of Inquiry Chairman, former Chancellor of the Judiciary Cecil Kennard.

Chairman of the Commission of Inquiry, Retired Chancellor of the Judiciary Cecil Kennard on Monday said he would not apologise for telling City Mayor, Patricia Chase-Green to “shut up” last week Friday.

“I have no apology for making that statement,” he said.

Kennard highlighted that instead of answering questions, Chase-Green last week Friday was asking questions of the Commission’s lawyer, Attorney-at-Law Everton Singh-Lammy and she continued “prattle”

Deputy Mayor, Akeem Peter was among those at the weekend who on Facebook supported the Mayor against the manner of the admonition by the Commission of Inquiry Chairman.

Kennard said he intended to perform his duties in accordance with the oath that he has taken to ensure a proper investigation is conducted and recommendations made.

“I can assure all concerned regardless of political affiliation or otherwise , I will assure everyone that I conduct my duty in accordance with the guidance of the Lord above,” he said.

Kennard noted that he has been a lawyer for 56 years during which he had been appointed State Counsel and seconded by then President Forbes Burnham to Antigua and Barbuda as Director of Public Prosecutions. Before his three-year secondment had been completed, Kennard said Burnham had recalled him to Guyana and appointed him a High Court Judge. He was subsequently appointed a Justice of Appeal and Chancellor.

The Inquiry Commission of Inquiry Chairman assured that he has no intention of seeing faces instead of cases and pledged to conduct a fair investigation into the administration of the City.
“No one has ever accused me of being biased and I don’t intend to be biased on any issue,” said Kennard, the holder of the Order of Roraima and Cacique Crown of Honour.
Kennard said he was appalled at suggestions that he was unlikely to be fair.
The retired Chancellor said he intended to perform his duties in accordabce with the oath that he has taken.
“I intend to act in accordance with the evidence that has been led and will be led,” he said.
The following was the exchange between the Inquiry Commission Chairman and Mayor Chase-Green:

Kennard: Madame, please don’t ask the lawyers’ questions. You there to answer questions

Chase-Green: Well, I’m answering but I did not appreciate the question he asked

Kennard: Well, say that…Don’t attempt to be rude

Chase-Green: I’m not being rude

Kennard: You are attempting to be rude

Chase-Green: No, I’m not attempting to be rude

Kennard: Take that sort of attitude to the City Hall, not here

Chase-Green: I’m not attempting to be rude and I will not be rude in here

Kennard: Can you shut up and listen to the questions

Chase-Green: Well, then I will not be able to answer questions