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Daily Archives: October 20, 2018

Suspected thief shot in poultry farmyard

A 22-year old man, who was previously charged with break and enter and larceny, was shot dead at after he allegedly attacked a guard and a poultry farmer in the farmyard, police said. Police said the security guard shot the intruder twice. The guard has since been arrested and a licensed shotgun seized. Dead is 22-year old Jarrel ”Dumb Boy” ...

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Youth held for probe into attempted murder

A man, who allegedly lashed another man to his shoulder, was relieved of the piece of wood and struck to his head. Suffering from a fractured skull and hospitalised in a semi-conscious condition is 18-year old Peter Livingstone of  Lot 2 La Retraite, West Bank Demerara. The incident occurred Friday at 8:PM in the same village. Police have since arrested the ...

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OPINION: The related farces of integrity, amnesty, continuity

by GHK Lall As I observe the latest hullabaloos over conflicts, integrity commissions, disclosures and that dysfunctional family tree, I ponder again as to why so many, sometimes, make life complicated and difficult.  I am perplexed and alarmed as why straightforward personal matters that rightfully should be disclosed before official, need-to-know, domains become so tangled. I remind: it is not ...

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