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Daily Archives: March 21, 2018

Lavish spending of oil money on consumption can hurt Guyana’s economy

A University of Oxford Professor of Economics and Public Policy on Wednesday urged Guyana to guard against lavish spending of oil earnings on consumer items which would result in a re-valuation of the Guyana dollar that would make other traditional exports noncompetitive. “If you spend it throwing a party in the economy on a lot consumption goods, you get appreciation. ...

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“If you tear this contract up, nobody else will come” – British Economics Professor on ExxonMobil’s contract with Guyana

A British Professor of Economics and Public Policy, Sir Paul Collier  on Wednesday warned that if Guyana scraps  the ExxonMobil contract that would have disastrous consequences for the country’s investment climate, but he instead recommended strongly that the country beef up its capacity to avoid tax evasion by oil companies. “Whatever you do, if you tear up your first oil contract, ...

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NBS managers charged with unlawful detainment

Three manahrs of the New Building Society (NBS) were Wednesday arraigned on eight charges of unlawful detainment. Anil Beharry, Anil Kishun and Deka Tullahram  appeared before Senior Magistrate Fabayo Azore in the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court to answer to the charges. The trio pleaded not guilty to the charge that alleges that on January 23, 2018 at NBS office at Avenue ...

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Manager of Trinidadian soca artiste, Rodney “Benjai” Le Blanc testifies in assault case

The Manager of Trinidadian soca artiste on Wednesday testified in court as the trial against a man who allegedly assaulted and injured the singer. Seon Isaacs, Disc Jockey (DJ) and Manager of Rodney “Benjai” Le Blanc recollected the entire assault to the court, noting that on the morning of the incident himself and Le Blanc had just finished performing at ...

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