Bishops’ High School teacher’s alleged sexual misconduct: DPP still waiting on police

Last Updated on Wednesday, 31 January 2018, 9:31 by Denis Chabrol

Teacher, Coen Jackson.

The Bishops High School teacher, Coen Blaine Jackson, who is at the centre of alleged sexual misconduct with students of that school, will have to wait a bit longer to know his fate as police have been asked to conduct further investigations, the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Chambers said Wednesday.

Spokeswoman for the Chambers, Liz Rahaman, in describing a Guyana Chronicle report as “totally, totally false”, said since December 8, 2017 the file was returned to the Guyana Police Force with a request for further investigations and information.

The DPP wants the Guyana Police Force to obtain copies of birth certificates,  take further statements from a counselling agency that is dealing with the complainant, contact the Teaching Service Commission  among almost one dozen points  that needed further investigations or clarifications.

The DPP Chambers had expected the file to be returned on or before December 22, 2017, but so far sources said the file has not been returned to prosecutors to decide whether Jackson should be charged or not under the Sexual Offences Act.

Jackson denied accusations by government’s Cultural Policy Advisor, Ruel Johnson and his female partner who alleges that she had had an intimate relationship with her teacher (Jackson) while she had been a student at the Bishop’s High School.

The female is currently in a relationship with Johnson.

Jackson, who is off the job since the allegations surfaced, has claimed that Johnson has been targeting him because he had been in contact with the young woman.

Sources said that so far only that female, who is now 21 years, has come forward and leveled allegations against the teacher.

Jackson has said that he had had intimate relations with two ex-students after they had completed secondary education, something he admitted was inappropriate. He has confirmed that he had taken one of them to Colombia, Aruba, New York and Mexico. “I have been very discreet about because of the perception and rightfully so. However, you can’t stop people from falling in love. You can’t stop people from interacting. I have a very strong relationship with this young lady,” the teacher has said.