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Joe Singh resigns from Ministry of Presidency

Former Chief of Staff of the Guyana Defence Force, Retired Major General Joseph Singh.

Special Assistant to the President, Retired Major General, Joseph Singh has resigned his post, he confirmed.

Singh said he has submitted a letter, giving the required one month’s notice.

He declined to divulge reasons for his resignation, and shied away from linking it to the fact that President David Granger did not pick one of Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo’s 18 nominees for the post Chairman of the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM).

Singh was one of the 18 nominees for the top electoral management authority post which he had once held.

“People can say what they wish but I think it would be inappropriate for me to continue here if you interpret what has been said and would be a work in contradiction,” he told Demerara Waves Online News.

Then President Desmond Hoyte had appointed Major General Singh as Chief-of-Staff of the Guyana Defence Force ahead of Granger, a retired Brigadier, and other officers.

Singh has been holding the post of Special Assistant to the President before the Granger-led APNU+AFC won the May, 2015 general elections.

Singh is a former Chief Executive Officer of the Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company, and Head of the local office of Conservation International.

  • rs dasai


  • Lancelot Brassington

    ‘Then President Desmond Hoyte had appointed Joe Singh as Chief-of-Staff of the Guyana Defence Force ahead of Granger, a retired Brigadier, and other officers.’

    Actually Granger was the only officer that had been senior to Singh when Singh was appointed Chief-of-Staff. Singh was senior to all the others. It should be noted that Singh had been senior to Granger when Burnham made Granger commander of the GDF in 1979. It is important that all of the facts be presented.

    • Second Coming

      You’d be amazed at the volumes if ‘facts’ out there on Granger. Here i one ‘fact’: When Burnham tasked Granger with leading the ideological indoctrination of the GDF, and Granger failed in Burnham’s view, both Granger and Singh were on the same level.

      Burnham then took Singh and used him to replace McLean as head of the GNS. McLean, a former assistance police commissioner, became head of the GNS and then army chief of staff.

      Granger was isolated by Burnham as a failure only to be revived by an intervention of friends who had Burnham’s ears. Some today argue that Granger took leave of absence to go to UG, but was not his original plan. That was Plan B.

      Today we look at Granger leading Guyana and we now see why Burnham viewed him as a failure. The PNC blocked Greenidge just to promote Granger and the nation is struggling under his snail-paced leadeship. He is not corrupt. He is just not an effective leader, which is why Joe Mon can run rings around him.

      • Lancelot Brassington

        I don’t want to stray off of the topic too long but prior to the 1979 shake-up Price was Chief-of-Staff, Pilgrim was Commander and Morgan was Commander of the First Infantry Brigade (ie No 3 in line). Whenever Morgan was on leave or acting up for Pilgrim, Joe Singh used to act as Brigade Commander. It means that although Joe Singh and Granger held the same rank at the time, Joe Singh had seniority.
        When Burnham removed Price, Pilgrim and Morgan and appointed policeman and GNS Director General Maclean as Chief-of-Staff he appointed Granger Commander in preference to Singh. Singh became the confirmed Brigade Commander but was later transferred to the GNS as Director General. Under Hoyte he was brought back from the GNS to act as Chief of Staff on at least one occasion. As I recall, Norman Maclean was off managing the West Indies team while Granger was at UG. He was appointed Chief of Staff after Maclean retired, restoring his previous seniority over Granger.
        On the question of Burnham viewing Granger as a failure for failing to convert the Officer Corps ideologically, the thing about the GDF officers corps is that they are brighter than the body of police officers. Always have been. Burnham knew that converting even 40% of them was a tall order although they would have preferred him to Jagan and individually would have said the right things at the right times and stayed silent when it was the ‘sensible’ thing to do. I submit that whomsoever had been placed to convert the GDF officers corps to Burnhamism would have achieved at best, limited success. Burnham knew this. He would not have regarded Granger as a failure in this regard.
        With regard to Granger’s departure to study history at UG, I am not sure what drove that. Things may have been going on behind the scenes.I know that there were at least three instances in which I sensed undercurrents between Singh and Granger with the “attitude” coming from one end. My overall assessment of the two men is that while Joe Singh is very bright academically, Granger is brilliant. On the other hand Joe Singh has had superior experience in the field and in commanding large combat units.

        • Calvin Ivor Lewis

          I wonder what deal was struck between Singh and Jagdeo for the former to agree his nomination? Maybe things might have worked out differently had Joe been on the first list instead of the likes of James Rose and Ms. Shah.

          • Col123

            Keep speculating bro… it’s good brain exercise for you!

          • Col123

            Look into you tarot cards bro …you will get a clue

    • Michael Smith

      Joe Singh and David Granger were trained and graduated on the same day
      from Mons Officer Cadet School in Aldershot England.

      Joe was never senior to David and to pick one for seniority you would have had to go with Granger – G comes before S in the alphabet

  • Ashwan Singh

    Why are you calling it an error?

    • rudeo

      Because he is dumb

    • Col123

      Why you hassling the dude..; he is dumb enough to think than Granger is an excellent student of history… let the dude live in his world and you have a good laugh!

  • Patriot

    Mr. Singh is standing tall; showing some back bone and displaying the integrity for which he is known. The AFC should take a leaf out of his book. Grow a spine and stop being a doormat.

    • Yannick23

      I am sorry like the rest of my fellow Guyanese I voted for these scums in the AFC. But look at their posture, their actions and it tells you exactly what Rumjaata and Naag is all about. A pack of betrayers, soup drinkers at best sucking arses because of our tax payers dollars he receives and so greedy for Power. How sickening?!!!.

      • Col123

        Bro … the world would forgive you for your vote.. don’t apologize.. we all make mistakes… I thought that Granger had a chance to make Guyana better… From the time of the 50% increase to the talks of private jets for Ministers … I know that we are going up the creek without a paddle… these sites just provides me entertainment to verify my beliefs about Guyanese..

        • Ashwan Singh

          …….and you are entertained and indeed enjoying yourself, aren’t you !!

          • Col123

            I certainly do bro… I am not thinned skin and do enjoy your stupid crap you write and entertaining we bleck folks!

    • Col123

      This is a military trained personnel who understands strategies well…and who was trained in courses and alternate courses of action…. we MAY NOT have heard the last of him yet… it’s a pity though that he could have considered resigning himself into retirement!

  • rudeo

    Joe Singh’s integrity is never in doubt. To brand a list of names which included his as “not fit and proper” needs no explanation nor contextualization. Mr Singh has earned the respect of thousands and will be supported in his stand.

  • Lancelot Brassington

    I don’t think the issue here is about what is ‘OK’ and what is ‘good’. If Joe Singh was not in Granger’s opinion a suitable candidate for Gecom chairman, then given their service together in the military, their attendance together at QC and given the fact that Singh once held that very position, there should have been some form of engagement at a personal level with some explanation being offered.The president does not HAVE TO give anyone an explanation but that does not mean that he shouldn’t. If this course was not followed Singh could well be feeling slighted. Human relations practice outside of the military differs to that within and the words ‘not fit and proper’ have the potential to ruffle feathers . We may never know all of the facts, but something seems to have wounded Joe.

    • Col123

      Good comment LB.. if I may add… this chap has his integrity to protect as he is also from a good family and well brought up!.. he may be sensing bitter times ahead … as people with military minds think with options along with alternative ones in mind…it seems that he is on one of those alternate opinions which does not restrict him from connection to others… that is a compulsory clas in final semester in Command and General Staff College.

  • Col123

    They were discarded already… awaiting permanent removal…

  • Col123

    Boy …like you find gawd!…see why its fun reading these stuff…..

  • Col123

    Well … like all of us , he will die someday and he will have to explain that to his gawd!

  • Col123

    Not sure that response was for me… but since that Indo dude Singh is a pandit,and I am one of you nigga brotha, I will tell you that your slavish azz mindset will get you nowhere…why would a breech in democracy not bother you…

  • Col123

    Split it like what bro….split peas?…you eating too much dhall boy!