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GBTI Directors granted self-bail on charge of failing to provide SOCU with bank account info

The eight Directors of the Guyana Bank For Trade Industry Limited were Monday released on self bail after they all appeared in the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court charged with failing to comply with an order of the High Court.

The  High Court had issued a Production Order for the bank to provide information about the movement of US$500 million in the account of the Guyana Rice Development Board.

They are Edward A. Beharry, Suresh Beharry, Kathryn Eytle-Mclean, Richard Isava, Carlton James, Basil Mahadeo, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Robin Stoby and Chief Executive Officer (ag) Shaleeza Shaw

When the charge was read they all denied the allegation which stated that on the 7th September, they failed to comply with a Court order made by the Chief Justice.

Sources said they were given six weeks more to produce the documents but they had not complied.

The eight accused were represented by Attorney-at-Law Nigel Hughes who noted that his clients were following the Court order and were last Friday granted an extension by the Chief Justice to turn over all the relevant information to the Special Organized Crime Unit.

GBTI Directors, Suresh Beharry and Attorney-at-Law, Robin Stoby.

The eight accused were ordered to return to court on November 20.

Sources said bank representatives on Monday turned up at SOCU headquarters with the documents the bank had said had been destroyed, but they were promptly told to go to court .


  • rs dasai

    The order has to be ‘specifis’ and identify ‘which $500k’ and in what form it was deposited and in what quantity and form it was moved. Mr. Hughes. take note.

    • The Shootist

      it’s US$500 million not the usual 500K weekend bar tab at palm court.

  • Your Brown Sugar

    So an Exxon Senior Director, Carlton James has been charged with Contempt. This is interesting.

  • Lancelot Brassington

    What’s wrong with Stoby? How could he put himself in this position? They could’n t find documents, now with the prospect of a jail door clanging shut behind them they are suddenly able to. Carvil Duncan aided by Ramson (jr) (probably with Ramson (sr) behind the scenes) was able to get away with highly questionable conduct by exploiting loopholes and technicalities but Stoby has overplayed his hand and he has not come out of this smelling of roses. Did he think that the law existed to facilitate intellectual excursions. If he did he knows better now because his reputation is not the same. This reminds me of the adage ‘Be you ever so high, the law is above you’.

  • Your Brown Sugar

    SOCU seriously has to examine the authenticity of those documents that were previously “destroyed”. The word “manufactured” aptly comes to mind.