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Five dead in truck-car collision on Corentyne Public Road

The driver and four occupants of car died Sunday afternoon in a head-on collision with a truck on the Number 59 Village, Corentyne Public Road, police said.

Those who perished include the car driver, Dhanpaul Kishandayal, of Bel Air, Georgetown. The others are Sabita Mangalie,40, her sons Emmanuel Mangalie ,18, and five year old Ethan Ramjeet.

Sabita’s Secretary and friend, Reshma Seeram also died in the mishap. They worked at Maraj Building.

The accident occurred at about 1:45 PM.

Dhanpaul Kishandayal

Police said the car, PPP 3394, was heading south along the eastern side of the road, most likely to Skeldon, at a fast rate of speed. Investigators were told that the car drove into a pothole and collided with a lorry, bearing licence number GZ 2763.

Kishandayal returned from New York three weeks ago.

Sabita’husband died three years ago of a heart attack and her father lost his life five years ago in an accident.

  • plantain

    Bai,weh yuh agoh wid all de speeding.This ah Guyana yuh ah drive nah New yak.Dem road full ah potholes,guyana road nah mek fuh speed,well yuh see wah happen.
    Please show respect fuh de road if yuh ah come from foreign & ah drive in Guyana.
    minna ah unda stan why dem think dem can run de vehicle at 100MPH pun dem lil road in Guyana plus de road holie,holie.

  • itmickey

    This is horrendous…too much darn speed…awful, awful