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What are your plans? Granger blindsided at business conference in push to re-balance of economy

President David Granger addressing the opening of the Business Summit organised by the Private Sector Commission and the Inter-American Development Bank.

President David Granger delivered the keynote address today at the opening of the two-day Guyana Business Summit, but not before the Private Service Commission (PSC) rolled out a laundry list of items which the business sector needed clarity on.

PSC Chairman Eddie Boyer’s remarks, which were delivered by the PSC’s Deodat Indar, called on the president to clarify government’s approach to economic development, taxation policy, an incentive program for business, plans to strengthen  democracy and ensure the rule of law is maintained.

The PSC Chairman’s remarks pressed the President for plans to develop the quality of life for all citizens and also how government intends to work with the private sector to create jobs  for young and under-utilized population.

“In addition, Your Excellency  can provide direction on the oil and gas sector on areas where we will spend revenue from the expected wealth deriving from royalties. Since Government is the biggest spender, this will assist the private sector, where and when to invest, in order to be an anticipated recipient of government contracts. I also would like His Excellency to address what are his plans to address the prison system and wider security issues in the country that cause businesses to be on the edge due to the level of robberies and other crimes experienced in the country,” Boyer stated.

President Granger stuck to his prepared speech, calling on private sector businesses to join government’s plan of providing a ‘good life’ for all Guyanese while incorporating small and medium size businesses in the overall plan to drive future development.

“The economy is being re-balanced also by investing in the development of micro, small and medium-size enterprises which constitute half of the economy and is expected to contribute about 30% of GDP (Gross Domestic Product). The Government sees development in a holistic way. Horizontally, across all 10 regions and vertically from the household right through to the big corporations,” President Granger told the gathering.

In the past, the now more than two-year old APNU+AFC-led government had blamed drug trafficking, gold smuggling and corruption as reasons for heightened economic activity under the then People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPPC)-led administration which lost power for the first time in 23 years in May, 2015.

He said that farmers and fisher-folk must be part of gatherings such as the Guyana Business Conference. President Granger assured that Government supports the private sector.

The conference, which is supported by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) is being held under the theme, ‘Challenges and Opportunities for Business Growth and Development’.

The opposition People’s Progressive Party (PPP) has said its representatives would attend the forum and challenge government on a range of issues including procurement, the oil and gas sector, among others.

The IDB recently said it was providing government with assistance to examine the viability of establishing a special unit to implement multi-million dollar projects and programmes. Finance Minister, Winston Jordan has said the Public Sector Investment Programme has been performing poorly, partly resulting in slow  economic activity.

  • Mr. Editor,……where is the “blind sided” ?

    Predictably,the PSC would have included those questions in its presentation ( even though they sounded very similar to the current emanations from Freedumb House who after twenty three wasted years have suddenly become the expert on everything developmental).

    The President wisely stuck to his prepared speech, and any response to the just concerns of the PSC would be appropriately addressed by Minster Jordan in his imminent Budget Presentations……Stop fabricating false news “Headlines”.

    • Danny Persaud

      Our rulers r fade headed..

  • Charles Selman

    Is His Excellency in touch with the economic reality of Guyana?
    Can he really engage in a discourse without a script? Jordan recently advocated for a “plantain chips” economy and said Government has no responsibility to find jobs for people. And, sadly, we are taking all that bull! After all, we are Guyanese. We take anything.

  • Mother Sally

    This is a weak if not a most feeble response from the man who prided himself and continues to pride himself as Guyana’s saviour. Clearly President Granger is woefully inept, morbidly incompetent or worst yet lost at sea -for the patent lack of a better term. In Guyanese parlance, this will constitute the apt creole term ‘ boat a go a falls’ which means the ship of state of headed to the rocks.

    Never mind all the hyperbole, lip-service, news-speak, big up, harpic gargling and everything else in between designed to cajole the masses that all is well when it is not. I urge the accidental president to leave the comforts of his lofty perch at State House and travel the length and breadth of Guyana and find out the realities of a failing economy, increased desperation, unparalled despair and hopelessness crowned with record suicide rates, violent and armed robberies, home invasions, car jackings, hunger, starvation, teenage prostitution, under-age pregnancies, parental neglect, abuse of our seniors and the forced removal of honest folks from street side vending.

    Clearly all of the above referenced social ills, societal pitfalls and shortcomings are not of the common person’s doing but a casualty of a failed government, a failed system and certainly it has no indicator of the so called ‘good life’. What is the good life and can David Granger name who are the true, deserving recipients of the good life that is thus far elusive for 99% of the Guyanese public.

    The clock is ticking and the egg timer is on as the youths of Buxton, Golden Grove and elsewhere grow restless and convinced that they were used at the last poll and the monster of deception, deceit and cop out will soon unleash itself upon the masses with a frightening impact. The oil and gas race to the bottom will soon start and like Nigeria, Equatorial Guinea, Angola and Mozambique – Guyana will take its proper spot in the pantheon of skullduggery galore.

    The IDB is also hellbent on courting disaster and it is time that it really examined the lacklustre performance of its mindlessly adrift country manager whose sole purpose is hanging out at the Marriott and other aimless evening jaunts whilst living high on the hog. It is time that that IDB President Luis Alberto Moreno himself showed up here with an immediate and competent replacement.

    In short welcome to Guyana, welcome to chaos. Viva El Circus Maximus!

  • powerplayer

    Its the infrastructure Mr President. Challenge the Finance Minister to aid your Ministers understanding of their role in Facilitating growth and oppertunitues

    Everyone should understand that without a sound infrastructure we are going nowhere.

    The finance Minister must quit harping the Government does not create jobs. If he strongly feels that he needs to demit office.

    The Govt, has the responsibility of creating the necessities for growth hence well paying jobs.

    Copy from any city thats growing in the USA Look at what the city of Chicago is doing.

    Emauel is rebuilding the Infrastructure of Chicago He is not saying to the folks pull yourself up by your booth strings.

    He is leading the change. Get with it Please Time is of essence.

    • Lancelot Brassington

      Infrastructure does have a key role to play. Not only upgrading and maintaining what already exists and building new infrastructure in the occupied belt, but the infrastructure needs to be extended inland from the Atlantic to promote real development.

  • Where is my post Mr Moderator ?

  • Lancelot Brassington

    It seems as though PPP hack, Boyer is a complete ignoramus where matters of protocol are concerned. The same goes for Indar or he would have refused to read those asinine remarks on Boyer’s behalf. If the president was asked to deliver the feature address he would have come with a written speech prepared by himself and his speechwriters. He did not come there to receive assignments from Boyer to be completed and handed in on the spot, but of course the puppet master at Freedom House who had an input into the preparation of those remarks would not understand something like that, ignorant peasant that he be.
    No president goes to a big forum to deliver the feature address with the intention of ‘shooting from the hip’. Even if he is speaking on a subject within his technical discipline he will speak from prepared notes. I am certain that the president will ensure that the issues raised by Boyer and company are responded to in the public domain by the relevant technical personnel, but allowing Boyer to dictate the content of the president’s address at short notice is beneath the dignity of a president.