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Bodies of elderly women found tied, gagged in house

Phyllis Melrose Caesar and Constance Fraser

Two elderly women, one of whom is a Guyana-born American citizen, were Tuesday morning found bound and gagged in their home at Albert Street and South Road, Georgetown after one of them did not open the nearby Full Gospel Church.

After the bodies of the long-time family friends- 88-year old Constance Fraser and 75-year old Phyllis Melrose Caesar- and detectives exited their wooden home, Pastor Winston Mc Gowan told reporters that the two “faithful members” of the Full Gospel Church  were killed by bandits.

Fraser was the mother-in-law of city businessman Brian Gittens. She was also an American citizen. Caesar was born at Manchester Village, Corentyne.

“They were tied. They (perpetrators) tied the hands and feet and mouth as well,” he said. He said the bodies were found in separate bedrooms which were also ransacked.

The house at Albert Street and South Road where 88-year old Constance Fraser and her friend, 75-year old Phyllis Melrose Caesar were killed.

Mc Gowan said the general conclusion is that the perpetrators entered the house through the veranda.

He said a decision was made by one of the parishioners to enter the house after Caesar did not open the church at about 6:30 AM as she would normally do.

Based on responses by several persons , who know the ladies well, no one knew of anyone expressing an interest in purchasing the house that they had occupied for several decades.

Outside the house, numerous church members and associates of the two ladies converged while investigators and other personnel were inside dusting for fingerprints and taking photographs.

Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company workers suspended underground work outside the house because of a police cordon.

  • cuffy

    When will this killing stop?Can the hangings begin,we have a govt very soft on murderers,yes they will catch them then remand them for years at the cost of millions, then give them parole,does this make any sense,why worry in building new facilities for them.cost and upkeep is way above the prison budget,start culling the criminals.

    • Parbudin Mackanlall

      This president will not allow hanging. He is too kind and compassionate. Desmond Hoyte who never held a rifle in his life had the right idea.

      • Ashley Singh

        Desi was the man for the job. If he were the President today,, Guyana would have been a safer place. Granger., like Jugdei and Rumoutar are useless.

    • Ashley Singh

      I’m in total agreement. Just forget the Politricks and make Guyana safe again. Hang all those that are in Death Row and Hang the others as soon as they are convicted. Stop the pussyfooting

  • brain dead idiot

    well this is what we get for not doing them anything and we releasing them every year MASSA way not going to work here sweet eyes say hand in the guns he could a count the amount on he fingers and toes he collected ,he failing at every turn and he chooses to talk about another man marriage he always drunk and stupid making the presi look bad sorry for these two old ladies they should a been living out their golden years in peace hope the police get them and deal with them accordingly .