Construction of Bath storm victim’s house delayed -forced to sleep in a makeshift shack under destroyed house.

Last Updated on Monday, 2 October 2017, 18:22 by Denis Chabrol

Sheila Harricharran

One of the victims of the recent freak storm at Bath Settlement on the West Coast of Berbice is yet to receive proper assistance from the Government after Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo visited the area and promised that her collapsed home would be rebuilt.

However, when Demerara Waves Online visted what remains of the woman’s two bedroom wooden home, 58-year-old Sheila Haricharran was seen lying under a makeshift shack underneath the house in conditions considered inhumane.

Gewan Singh of G.Singh Construction told Demerara Waves Online News that he was constructing the house free of cost. He said the delay was caused because all of the materials that were provided have finished. He said work would resume shortly because more materials are expected soon, based on information provided by the Region Five administration.

FLASH BACK: Collapsed house of Sheila Harricharran

The woman relayed that after the PM’s visit on Friday September 22nd, she was assured that her home would have been completed. She stated that the contractor went  that afternoon, started some works and returned on Saturday to continue. At that time, the woman stayed with a neighbour. But to her shock and disappointment, the contractor reported that he did not have enough materials to finish her home leaving her home incomplete.

“The prime minister come and he mek I feel so happy that my house gonna be fixed but now nothing ain’t do. I gotta sleep under here because me nah want burden neighbours or anything”.

Harricharan said she received monetary assistance from the PM and other concerns officials. This small donation she noted is what she has been surviving on for the past weeks.

“Is the lil bit money they gimme I living on and it near done. I deh cooking bare noodles and suh cause it nah safe living hay. Grass high high hay snake could come and bite me and suh”.

The woman is pleading for her house to be completed and whatever assistance can be made.

Sheila Harricharan’s home was destroyed on Monday September 18th by the heavy winds and rainfall. The woman, who was in her home at the time of its collapse, was unable to exit resulting in her sustaining minor injuries.

Several other houses in the area was also partially destroyed.