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Contractor leaves Berbice school incomplete as new school term begins

As hundreds of students and teachers turned out at their schools for the new September school term, the situation was a disappointing one at the Manchester Secondary School in Berbice.
The students and teaching faculty were met with incomplete rehabilitation works among a number of other issues.

Whens Demerara Waves Online News visited the school a week ago, parents were expressing their concern about the works being carried out and the allotted time for them to be completed.

Regional Chairman David Armagon and the Head Teacher inspecting the entrance bridge at Manchester Secondary School.

Many stressed that they will not be sending their children into such conditions but they were assured by the contractor that the works would have been completed. But unfortunately, students were forced to be stuffed into the labs to facilitate them until the works are completed.
Regional Chairman, Mr. David Armagon who commented on the issue after conducting a visit to schools in Berbice, noted that he was given assurance by the regional engineer that ‘works would be completed in time for school’ but this is not the case.  “It is very disappointing to see what kind of conditions these students are being forced to deal with all because the contractor was not working to his full capacity”, he said.
According to Armagon, the Head Teacher is ‘making do’ with the conditions and trying best to accommodate the students but hopes that works will be completed by the upcoming week.  “The students were placed in the lab area but that’s not really a suitable classroom because it was made for lab work”.
The Regional Chairman stressed that the contractor was also tasked with ensuring that areas where works were completed is free of dust and other debris but this simple task was not done.
He stated that works need to be completed to the ceiling, tiling of the Home Economics Department but of grave concern is the main entrance bridge.
Chairman said that the bridge upon inspection, has no support underneath and poses as a threat to the students and persons using it daily.
He added that the Regional Engineer will be asked to return and review the work done to the bridge and also to inspect the other works to the school.
Meanwhile, Armagon reported that most of the schools saw a reasonable turn out for a first day, an unusual occurrence which shows an improvement in attendance.
  • Fedup / GT


    • Orin Peters

      No sir you got it wrong transfer the ENGINEER ITS THAT SIMPLE HE IS RESPONSIBLE OK.Far too long this gov’t allowing these Engineers to get of scotch free and this must stop.

    • Orin Peters

      Not only the Contractors also some of these Moderators they post things that are favourable to certain people GUYANA REALY CORRUPT and not only to this blog site but all the others.

    • melkend

      No, jail the regional administrators, as they give the contracts to their friends and family.

      • Orin Peters

        That has been the problem in Guyana for a very long time now we getting some where i fully agree with you put the blame where it belongs the REGIONAL CHAIRMAN MORE INTERESTED IN POLITICS THAN GETTING HIS WORK DONE.

  • melkend

    This seems as a standard in the Berbice/Corentyne area over the years. The same contractors are given work and always not completing the jobs on time at the inconvenience of the students. When will this incompetence stop, and why do the people just sit, watch and wait until the last minute to voice their concerns?

    • Orin Peters

      Because most of the times the contractors is they family you don’t know that everybody is family in GUYANA and that only change at Election time and after Election is back to normal thats Guyana.

  • Gtloyal

    Isn’t there a law to fine contractors for not finishing work on agreed date … breach of contract?