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Bandits rob city cafe’s customers, staff

Investigators check the wagon for clues to an armed robbery at Coffee Bean, Church Street.

Bandits Tuesday morning apparently traced two men from a city bank to a cafe where they assaulted and robbed them of an estimated GYD$1 million, sources said.

The incident occurred at Coffee Bean Cafe, Church Street, Georgetown.

The two customers-a Guyanese and a Malaysian-were gun butted before the driver of the vehicle surrendered the keys.

Coffee Bean

A source said the bandits were overheard saying “hurry up, hurry up. Wheh d money? Wheh d money?” The victims believe they were traced from Scotiabank.

The thieves then entered the wagon, took away the money and left with the keys.

A source said Coffee Bean’s staff were told to lie on the ground while the bandits took away their valuables.

Sources said the robbery lasted less than five minutes.

Police were seen dusting the car for fingerprints.

Investigators hope to examine surveillance video footage in an effort to identify the perpetrators.

  • Charles Selman

    This scourge is haunting Guyana and our political Administration seems unmindful. The President needs to make an open statement and give leverage to the Police to clean the streets of these micreants. They are encouraged by the silence of the Head of State. Every day there are several reported robberies and killings and many more unreported robberies. And mainly by one ethnic collective.
    DM can refuse to carry my blog, but the truth has to be accepted to be treated.

    • raskilone

      You may have a point regarding mostly one sect of society when it applies to G’town and surrounding areas, but explain what happens on the Courantyne coast..Cnje, Springlands et al. Which “one ethnic collective” as you put it, is creating havoc on the “ethnic collective” of their kind?

      • Col123

        Jeeze… just look at the incarceration stats…and get your glasses checked !

  • Col123

    These daily events simply confirms the social welfare structure in Guyana. It is clear that there are folks who go out there and toil daily for sustenance, and contribute to the salaries of the ruling elites via taxes . etc..and then there are folks who sit on their butts just figuring out how to relieve the working folks of their earnings. Th

  • pollard

    Demerara waves could you please update us with the robbery that took place last week ,where an indo young family a pregnant woman had to jump through a window, when about six bandits terrorise this family, and all the bandits were hard working folks as well, one a taxi driver, fisherman, security guard and Demerarawaves could do us a favor ,publish their names.

    • Col123

      Let me help DW……it was you everyday Tom, Dick and Harry who steal for a living…You OK now?