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Teacher commits suicide weeks after husband died

Cindy and Kevin Dawson

A teacher, who was found earlier this month in a house in a semi-conscious state with the decomposing body of her husband, has committed suicide, a relative confirmed.

Nursery school teacher, Cindy Dawson took her life Monday morning at Charity, Pomeroon, Essequibo Coast.

Dawson,a  teacher at Turkeyen Nursery School, had gone to Charity where her parents own their own home.

On June 5, 2017, the body of her husband, Kevin Dawson, had been found at their home at Hugh Ghanie Park, Cummings Lodge, East Coast Demerara. He succumbed to typhoid and malaria.

The teacher had been taken to a city hospital because she had been in a semi-conscious condition.

  • rudeo

    Love?…..lack of faith?……reaching out for counselling?… much……sad.

    • Emile_Mervin

      When love chooses death over life, life has no meaning.

  • Col123

    Sad result and reflection of a society, without any engaging medico-social structure. A man who met his demise from typhoid and malaria in these modern times, and a seemingly altered spouse, not engaged with any social support..a teacher at that….. hopeless in a society!!!!

  • raj ramsingh

    really sad. once again the society has let us down. govt preaching a “happy life” without any support.

  • Kassee

    Well,the woman felt all was lost when the man she loved so much died.It can be very difficult to continue in such a situation.Hence,she should have been given counselling.If that was not being done.It would have probably helped the situation.Killing oneself is not the solution.Just an illusion that the pain would go away in this world and peace in the next.Now,more families,friends,etc; r left to wonder and grief over this tragedy.Sad.

  • Ah Nanimus

    I applaud her.

  • Lancelot Brassington

    Spoken like a true religious fundamentalist who does not give a damn about circumstances and is concerned solely with doctrine. The autopsy said that he died from typhoid and malaria. The woman seemingly found her husband dead and went into shock. Some of us are stronger than others. Could be the lady was suffering from clinical depression even before her husband’s death.How about a little empathy here.
    The Catholic church teaches that it is sinful to take your own life but with greater understanding of things psychological even they now have a more flexible view. You may want to follow suit.

  • Col123

    Some folks do give money … they sat on their azz more than likely waiting for further donations… where is the evidence that the do anything to benefit humanity?… tell me….and I’ll shut up!