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Gouveia did not participate in sale of Duke Lodge properties to Roraima Airways- company

Last Updated on Saturday, 24 June 2017, 20:52 by Denis Chabrol Roraima Airways Chief Executive Officer Capt. Gerry Gouveia on Saturday ¬†rejected reports that suggested that he might have been given preferential treatment for the purchase of two properties from the government, saying that he was not a member of the Privatisation Unit’s Board. “Captain Gouviea was not a member ...

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Govt leaders failing to talk with sugar workers to counteract PPP; time for emergency national sugar conversation- Hinds

Last Updated on Saturday, 24 June 2017, 19:59 by Denis Chabrol Politician and academic, Professor David Hinds on Saturday called on top government leaders to fan out across the sugar belt to talk with sugar workers about the future of the industry because both sides have valuable arguments. Hinds criticised government leaders for failing to mount outreaches among ordinary sugar ...

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Heavy rainfall causes severe coastal flood; several canals clogged; new pumping stations being built

Last Updated on Saturday, 24 June 2017, 18:01 by Denis Chabrol Residents along Guyana’s densely populated coastland on Saturday continued to be affected by severe flooding due to heavy rainfall, and the situation may worsen if bad weather continues for the next two days days. As far as Number 28 Village, West Coast Berbice and the lower East Coast Demerara, ...

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