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Murder accused killed in New Amsterdam Prison; brother in critical condition

Ramnarine Jagmohan and Neshan Jagmohan.

One murder accused was stabbed to death inside the New Amsterdam Prison , and his brother seriously injured, Director of Prisons Gladstone Samuels said.

Dead is Neshan Jagmohan. His brother, Ramnarine Jagmohan, was stabbed to his right  side and his condition is listed as serious.

“The two Jagmohan brothers had just returned from court. They were going to their living units when they were attacked by three persons who were in the prison,” Samuels told Demerara Waves Online News.

The Director of Prisons said improvised weapons were used. Neshan Jagmohan reportedly sustained 10 stab wounds about the body.

Samuels said the alleged perpetrators include two remanded and one convict.

He explained that because the suspects are already in prison orders would have to be requested to allow police to take them out in connection with this incident.

Neshan Jagmohan was on trial for the murder of businessman Devindra Deodat, on October 7, 2013 at Hampshire Squatting Area, Corentyne.

Deodat, the owner of Cool Runnings Trucking Service, was chopped and shot dead after a group of masked men stormed the grocery shop which he and his wife, Mala, 29, operated.

Neshan Jagmohan had once escaped from prison and recaptured in January, 2016.

  • CleveM

    Some would say KARMA!!

    • Col123

      Cleve….some would say that they are wards of the state which failed to protect them! …but let’s put it in its perspective……Karma is not a legal entity and therefore not aplicable… it has only spiritual value based on beliefs .

  • Col123

    There isn’t anything to be gained from capital punishment. Hard labor for life is just as good. The government should not be in the execution business ..and your amen is not holy…especially if an innocent is executed!


    To Col123, I wonder if your daughter or son or one of your family members are brutally murdered what would be your acceptance of punishment for the perpetrator.
    If a murderer is caught with the proverbial smoking gun along with eye witnesses and is convicted he should be hanged publicly so anyone who witnesses this would think twice before committing murder. Murder in Guyana has become a norm in settling any or all petty differences , spousal disagreement, infidelity, failure to repay a petty loan or just plain greed and needs to be stamped out, everybody in walking around armed just lookin for trouble because if you leave your home to go on the road armed you are looking for trouble.

    • Col123

      Peter…It wouldn’t be capital punishment. Death by hanging is painless. Life imprisonment with hard labor is fine. I personally would rather that those condemned as such, be involved in road building, to access the inlands, or better yet, building concrete blocks for building of schools and health centers.

  • Col123

    True to a point of being a fearful way to go Peter, except that neurologically.. it is a painless way to die.. feeding them three meals a day to contribute to society.. to build bricks for schools and health care centers.. to build playgrounds for kids to recreate…is the way I see it… it may be wrong… but I have spent my years saving too many lives to believe otherwise..