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Chinese fined for overstaying

Zenyong Laing and Zebim Laing

Two Chinese were today fined GYD$30,000 each for over staying their time in Guyana.

Thirty-two year old Zenyong Laing and 33- year old Zebim Laing both of 628 South Amelia’s Ward, Linden stood before Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan in the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court.

The charge alleges that between June 20, 2016 and May 30,2017 in Georgetown, they failed to comply to the condition of a permit, which is to say that while being granted permission to stay in Guyana from March 19 to June 20 they over stayed their time.

Both defendants ,through an interpreter, pleaded guilty to the charge while apologizing for their wrong doing.

The court heard that the duo came to Guyana legally in 2016 via the Cheddi Jagan International Airport and was granted a three-month stay.

On May 30 police carried a raid exercise on a logging work site in South Amelia’s Ward when it was discovered that the defendants overstayed their time and never applied for an extention to stay.

Failure to pay their fine will see them spending four weeks behind bars.

  • Col123

    The industrious mindset of these young men, who came from a challenging social structure and found work in Guyana, speaks volumes about their evolving culture,work ethics and survival skills. They made a mistake not hitching up with a baby mama, to retain a legal status to work and live in Guyana.

  • rudeo

    this is about human endeavour…not about chinese….we somehow praise and glorify the guyanese immigrants to usa…but criminalize immigrants from other countries to here and otherwise….when the amerindians crossed the berring straights and came to guyana it was not about political repression…it was about man’s inherent trait about seeking new frontiers…..the laws of a land must be respected…in my mind laws were put in place to organize society…with some exceptions…..let’s be objective about matters that can be rationally explained….on a lighter note….think of the THOUSANDS of appetites that would go without if ALL the chinese pack up traps and go….fry rice et al….or perhaps a idi amin perpespective…make guyana “clean”….all asians to go…wow!…all those rice lands, multi-storied mansions, cars, boats, livestock, cattle…etc for the remaining pure inheritors of guyana…..just think!

    • Col123

      Laws rudeo?… “laws of the land must be respected”??? We had how many years of rigged elections and you have faith in that!..laws are man made, administered and enforced only when it does not conflict with the golden rule!!!… the one with the gold thingy rules!… but you may still have a point…..these guys should have gotten themselves each a baby mama, and the laws would have not only organize society, but they each would have had legal status, to remain in country.

  • rollonrolloff

    The fine should be more that is not the cost for preparing the case jacket left out the magistrate time ,the fine should be like $250,000:00 ,only two caught there is over 200 in regent Street doing business with out work permit or stay , treasury need money round up more illegal , before waste time and money behind parking meter.

    • Col123

      If they were stealing, I would agree with you…when folks try in which way to make an honest living with work…they deserve some recognition and empathy….but you are entitled to your opinion..and I have to let you know that I do not go to church…but I figure that you do!

  • Col123

    Speaking from experience?…!