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Embattled Carol Joseph resigns from PNCR

Carol Joseph (second from left) standing next to President David Granger at the recently held Region Five Expo.

Embattled staunch senior People’s National Congress Reform (PNCR) member, Carol Joseph has resigned from the party, according to well-placed sources.

Her resignation was brought to the attention of the party’s Central Executive meeting last week. Sources said Joseph, who was an elected member of the PNCR’s Central Executive, however, offered to assist the party wherever possible. She could re-apply for membership after two years.

She quit the party at a time when the Guyana Police Force is investigating her for an alleged fraud. She and another Region Five councillor have in recent days been required to report to the police periodically.

“She, having resigned from the party, has resigned from all positions of the party and all the offices that she represented the party on,” said a senior official. The governing APNU+AFC coalition, of which the PNCR is the largest party, now has to decide on who will replace Joseph at the Region Five Democratic Council.

Up to the time of her resignation, there were no plans to summon her before a PNCR disciplinary committee.

News of Joseph’s resignation has come at a time when the privately-owned Stabroek News and Kaieteur News newspapers have been reporting that she had been allegedly sourcing very strong painkilling injections. The nurse, who complained about that situation, has since been transferred to another health care facility to reportedly improve vaccination in that catchment area.



  • Col123

    You are so foolish to attack any medically altered individual. She did the right thing to seek help.

  • Parbudin Mackanlall

    The lady resigned because she had become a liability. This is how it should be. Basil Williams and George Norton have not done likewise and Granger is unwilling or unable to do anything about it. In this regard the lady has put all three of them to shame.
    I would give and take with Joseph Harmon and Volda Laurence because there was no clear cut transgression with respect to his visit to China and because her procedural breaches were committed in an attempt to resolve a crisis which she had inherited. Serious but not unforgivable errors although some presidents would have removed them or demanded their resignation.
    Hats off to Ms Joseph. She has shown that she still has values in spite of her shortcomings.

    • Sly

      Are you saying that it is alright to have some serious short comings as a public figure, blatantly/ knowingly commit serious infractions and when exposed, you tender your resignation?
      The damage has already been done and the APNU PR now in overdrive in damage limitation exercise, hoping to be forgiven.
      Based on your thinking, Dr Norton should have resigned for lying to parliament. Basil Williams should resign for his disrespect/ disregards to the court and the judge. Volda Lawrence should resign for sole sourcing of millions in drugs purchase. But hey! No way! They don’t have ” values” like Ms Joseph who did the honourable thing. There needs to be a comprehensive cabinet reshuffle

    • Col123

      The lady has an illness chit head… its that simple!..why are you trying to make it some thing else?

  • Gtloyal

    The lady at least had the decency to resign. Not like some from the other side who feel they have right to live off the people for life and when the people tire of them and chase them, they balling about witch hunt.