Lawyer accuses police of brutally beating client charged with robbery outside Finance Ministry

Last Updated on Tuesday, 14 March 2017, 19:42 by Derwayne Wills

Attorney-at-Law Dexter Todd has raised allegations against ranks of the Guyana Police Force (GPF), whom he said dealt a savage beating on one of his clients when they arrested him, causing them to spit blood.

The man, Samuel Adams, came before Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan today, March 14,  charged with four offenses. The first is that on February 3, 2017, along with another, he unlawfully discharged a loaded firearm on Christopher Marks with intent to murder him.

Adams, 29 years of Sophia, is a taxi driver who operates a small car wash in his area. In 2014, he was charged by then-chief magistrate Priya Sewnarine-Beharry with illegal possession of a firearm.

The second charge against Adams, today, was that on February 3, 2016, he intended to commit a felony of robbing Ramroop Ramnauth at Mandela Avenue of cash and his belongings.

The two final charges against Adams was that on December 6, 2016, he robbed John Bryan at Urquhart Street, outside the Finance Ministry, of $3million, and further discharged a loaded firearm against Bryan with intent to commit murder.

Adams’s lawyer, Dexter Todd, told the court his client was held for 12 days in police custody when he was arrested. The attorney-at-law related  he was only aware of one charge against his client, which related to the robbery under arms outside of the Finance Ministry.

According to Todd, Adams was not told of any other charges against him, even though he was reporting regularly to Assistant Superintendent of Police Caesar. Todd said his client was arrested in January 2017 in connection with the robbery outside the Finance Ministry.

Adams had loaned his car to a man who was arrested in connection with the December 6 daylight robbery. Todd told the court Police later arrested the man Adams loaned his car to. When Adams presented himself at the Brickdam Police Station to inquire about his vehicle, he was arrested.

One Sargeant Sarrabo placed Adams in custody, according to Todd. The court heard ASP Caesar showed Adams a vehicle, which was similar to his in appearance, but carried a different series number. The four digits of the license plate in the image shown to his client were not readable, according to Todd.

Todd said the police attempted to coerce his client to act as a police informant. However, when Adams refused, Todd said, police ranks assaulted him by dealing several punches to his stomach and face, which caused him to spit blood. Todd further alleged that police ranks told his client to run through the door so they could shoot him.

As Todd made the allegations, Adams stood in court sobbing copiously.  “This is a dark day in the Police Force with the manner in which they are conducting their investigations,” Todd told the court.

Police Prosecutor Deniro Jones told the court no official report was made to the effect of the beating Adams allegedly received. Todd recanted that medical records exist which support his client’s allegation.

Prosecutor Jones objected to bail against Adams, noting the nature of the offenses, as well as the penalties attached. Adams’s baile request was denied by Chief Magistrate McLennan. He will return to court on March 22. A number of statements are still outstanding for the two murder attempt charges, as well as the robbery under arms charge.

Adams was to be charged along with Kurt Kendell, but Kendell has not yet been arrested by police. Kendell, once arrested, will also be charged Kacey Helliger for the January 13, 2017 robbery of Dolly singh at Liliendaal.

The court heard Singh was robbed of some $1million cash, and a cellular phone valued $120,000.