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UPDATED: Jagdeo, Luncheon, Robert Persaud arrested, released; others still detained

Dr. Roger Luncheon (left) being arrested by SOCU agents.







Four former top government officials including Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo and Head of the Presidential Secretariat Dr Roger Luncheon were Tuesday arrested and questioned in connection with their acquisition of seaside housing lands at Goedverwagting-Sparendaam (Pradoville 2)

Jagdeo, Luncheon and former Natural Resources Minister Robert Persaud were questioned and released from custody. They were not required to post bail.

Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo being escorted into SOCU’s headquarters to be questioned.

Up to 4:40 PM, Lisaveta Ramotar- daughter of former President Donald Ramotar- and former Secretary to NICIL Marcia Nadir-Sharma and former President of the Private Sector Commission, Ramesh Dookhoo were still being questioned by investigators at the Camp Street headquarters of the Special Organised Crime Unit. Lisaveta Ramotar is General Manager of the Guyana Gold Board.

“This act will long be remembered as a grave injustice,” said Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo.

He said the arrest of Luncheon has nothing to do with corruption but about attacking those who are resisting the government.


  • Col123

    Guyana needs to get past this as quickly as possible…what ever the outcome,….We have an economy to resuscitate with the working folks continuous daily struggles…..these rich folks are living in decadence and the good life… revenge is sweet only for a short time… the long term scars will be written in history books ….

    • ravalonline

      That’s what Cheddi did. He had the opportunity to go after the PNC but was focused on moving forward. If ever the PPP gets back into power they are going return the favour.

      • Col123

        Spend some time reading on the life of Madiba… Cheddie was politically mature.

    • disqus_vD7Mb5kVmA

      They have to pay for their crimes. To give them a pass is the prpetuate the the lawlwssness anginst the people. Move on.. yes… but to let just go without consequences will be a travesty.

      • Col123

        Agree…Its “whatever the outcome.”…There are many ways to address such problems… some are now lost opportunities… nevertheless, what we have now is a system of revenge which will be perpetual..and therein lies the challenge!..all at the expense of the working class…

  • Lancelot Brassington

    What about the chubby babe? Looks like they are saving the best for last.

    • Col123

      Hey boy.. deh seh… those who laugh last laugh the longest… have some respect for women!…

      • Kaieteur_Canada

        I didnt hear ya tell the bogus chat3 wannabe senior counsel that when he was soliciting female companionship for his uncle….

        • Col123

          Like you get mixed up with them folks making matches… it could have been a male companionship… you know a lot about them people story boy…but then again, alyuk know who does sleep with the ppp folks…we brothas don’t get involved in those things…

    • Ashwan Singh

      He aint chubby anymore. He He He He !!

  • Col123

    No handcuffs???…Even moments of feeling good is thwarted in this distressed land…you just can’t celebrate anymore … someone out there waiting to burst you bubble..

  • rudeo

    So Gary Best…Shalimar Hack…..Compton Bourne….are chosen ones…hurrah….

    • Ram John

      The PNC is noted for Divide and Charge. Ask Jinnah. In 1980 the PNC only charged the Indo members of the WPA from West Demerara for Treason and did not charge the Afros. I recall that one of the Afro protested at the Leonora Magistrate court and had a placard that read ‘Divide and Charge”

  • Buxton

    A national disgrace !! Is there any lower that this Govt will go ?

  • Kaieteur_Canada

    I bet me bottom dolla that next time they are “invitedly told” to report for questioning they will be there an hour early… harsh lessons good for dunces.

  • Kaieteur_Canada

    “This act will long be remembered as a grave injustice,” said Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo …

    He dont see it a grave injustice when he jailed people for years on trumped up charges, men lost their pension because of his vindictiveness, remigrants paying three times per acre for backdam lands… but when he is arrested for obtaining prime state property at dog dung prices its injustice.. what a snake.

    • Ashwan Singh

      Snake? Don’t be polite to him. Guyana belongs to the people of Guyana, not the diabolicals of the PPP or PNC !

  • Prosecute PPP Thieves Now.

    nobady is above the law show them who is the boss now

  • cuffy

    When is hamilton green turn?

    • Ashwan Singh

      That is the million dollar question my friend !! When will the ones who raped and pillaged Guyana before the Jagdeo/Ramoutar diabolicals showed their egotistical heads pay for their deeds ? Green, Corbin etc. have to answer also !!

  • Col123

    The followers of this administration are extremely happy today and tomorrow.. cut them some slack… what next?

  • Col123

    I happen to agree. They should have been brought in from of the court to answer charges and let the law proceed with the disposition… this is now a circus which will further impact the economy which is moving south quickly…

  • Ashwan Singh

    Well said !!

  • Ashwan Singh

    All ah dem rass !!

  • RLSG

    Dr Luncheon is a decent man … really ?? I beg to differ. He said that there were no black people qualified to serve as ambassadors in the foreign service. There were the late Jimmy Matheson and others like Ferguson who were not only eminently qualified but were his very classmates at QC. He fired those guys and it was alleged to have said in his arrogance that ‘ he will take care of the black people’. You will never hear a coolie man say that of his own people … never. But God don’t like ugly so look at him now ….. and pay back is a bitch. Your sins will catch up with you sooner or later … some call it karma. He was a part of an oppressive racist band of arrogant men, he saw wrong things being done to his own people and sat there and did nothing … but time has not been good to him … poor guy. Maybe hopefully this process will make him come clean and talk about what he knows and when he knew it. Let us hope and pray that he does the right thing while there is still time and redeem himself.

  • Col123

    I could give a hoot who support the pnc or the ppp!!…,period!.I have interest in Guyana for minute reasons, none political related. My parents paid dearly for whatever benefits I received in Guyana….my thoughts go out to those who are struggling to get a meal,as it is that memory, that will always connect me, to my motherland…

  • Col123

    Hey… you in the crab dance with them…buddy…tek wha you get…alyou coolie gat haad ed…

    • Ashwan Singh

      You are someone who all members of the human race have to feel sorry for !

      Your racist bigotry is so profound that that it has put you right into the realm of a niggerly racist.

      That is not a good thing, believe me. Your wapya will return you watch, before 2020 it will return !

      You like to engage in racist bigotry and racist name calling? Let’s see how you feel about this one.

      • Col123

        See.. you proved yourself no better…you love crab dance… deal with the mud..