‘Fine Man’, one other remanded to prison for armed robbery

Last Updated on Friday, 24 February 2017, 17:12 by Derwayne Wills

Two Albouystown men were today charged and remanded to prison by city magistrate Leron Daly for armed robbery.

The two men, Mark Prince, known as Fine Man, and Reyan Singh, were accused of trailing their victim on February 17 from a city bank after he withdrew $488,000 at midday, and robbing him.

The money was placed in the victim’s shoulder bag after he exited the city bank. The bag also had two cellular phones, and a passport.

As the victim proceeded to his vehicle, parked on Lamaha Street, Prince approached him demanding the bag, while pointing a gun at him. The court t heard the other accused waited in their getaway vehicle, as he was the driver.

After a report was made, the police intercepted the car and found some $305,000 in Prince’s pants crotch. A cellular phone was also found in the motor vehicle.

Prince was positively identified in an identification parade by the Virtual Complainant. The two will return to court on March 10.

This was not Prince’s only charge for today. The court also heard that he, on January 21, at Blygezight trailed another man, who had traveled from a city bank with some $365,000, and subsequently robbed him at gun-point.

It was in front of the victim’s home that Prince robbed the Blygezight man of the money. This matter will also come up on March 10.

In 2016, police issued a wanted bulletin for Prince, who was no stranger to the law. Back in January 2016, Prince was slapped with an armed robbery charge for robbing Nicola Coates of a cellular phone valued $50,000 in November 2015, while she was in Bel Air Park, Georgetown.

In June 2014, he was charged for possession of 1269 grams of marijuana and six live rounds of unlicensed .32 ammunition.