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Three GDF officers charged for stealing milk, butter from Camp Ayanganna

Three GDF officers were today granted $50,000 bail by city Magistrate Leron Daly when they were charged with stealing up to $211,000 in milk and butter from Camp Ayanganna.

The court heard that between February 13 and 14, 2017, the trio stole 11 bags of milk totaling 25kg at a value of $150,000, and 7 cases of Golden Cream butter valued at $57,000.

Richard Charles, Kevin Phipps, and Linton Logan, all pleaded not guilty to the charge against them.

Phipps, 26 years, of East Ruimveldt was represented by Attorney Paul Fung-A-Fat.

Fung-A-Fat told the court his client Is married with two children, and has been with the Force for 2 years.

Both Phipps, and 26-year-old Richard Charles of Wortmanville, are fathers.

The court heard that Phipps did not know of the matter because the stolen items were found in the trunk of a vehicle he was a passenger in.

The driver of the vehicle, according to Phipps’s lawyer, was wanted by Police for a number of robbery charges, and when he was eventually pulled over, the milk and butter was discovered in the vehicle.

The trio will return to court on March 6.

  • Col123

    This report is skimpy at best but it is serious, and does raise the question of security of any inventory, in a GDF perimeter. What is the level of security at all the GDF quarters?… How secured are the weapons and ammunition?.. Who is in charge? How many heads should be rolled? Will the commander in chief launch an investigation?etc.. Who is monitoring what gets in and out of those military complexes???? This is a breech in the nation’s security and should not be taken lightly…

    • rs dasai

      It is not about security, but the mindset of some who make the good look bad.

      • Col123

        Actually, everyone and items getting in and out of those quarters are held to a high standard of accountability, otherwise, the commander will pay for it from his pocket… but then again, this is Guyana..but you have a point about the mix..

    • Gtloyal

      The security at GDF headquarters has always been compromised.
      Do you remember that a few years ago some firearms went missing?
      “Thirty AK-47s along with five pistols vanished from the GDF’s armoury at the base camp in February 2006.” (SN. October 10, 2010)

      • Col123

        Yea , I remember…As I mentioned to stagg..if security was so tight , why would any one even think about pilfering?…perimeter security is the first line defense of such facilities..

        • Gtloyal

          This just tells us how far (down) we have reached over the years.

  • Col123

    I hope that you are right and comfortable with that security…but it still begs then question,…if security was so tight , why would any one even think about pilfering?