Central govt approves parking meter by-laws

Last Updated on Monday, 23 January 2017, 22:06 by Denis Chabrol

Georgetown’s City by-laws governing the operation of parking meters have been approved by Local Government Minister, Ronald Bulkan, clearing the way for the commencement of paid parking.

“The system will become operational,” he said when asked whether metered parking could begin on Tuesday, one day later than scheduled.

Spokesman for Smart City Solutions, Kit Nascimento has said the parking meter company would be lenient with motorists for another two weeks to get them accustomed to paid parking.

The Minister of Communities said the Attorney General’s Chambers had already perused the by-laws and so there was no need for his Legal Department to go through the legal provisions in detail.

On Sunday, Bulkan had cautioned against Smart City Solutions charging motorists to park in the absence of approved by-laws.

Motorists can pay as little as GYD$50 + VAT for 15 minutes of parking time. However, their vehicles could be booted and eventually taken away if they exceed their parking time.

Critics believe that paid parking increases the cost of doing business and this will be passed on to consumers. However, advocates of the parking meters say it will garner much needed cash to rehabilitate and maintain the City’s infrastructure such as drainage, roads, bridges and solid waste disposal.