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Smart City Solutions to explore removing meters that may obstruct disabled

The parking meter on the Avenue of the Republic pavement between America and Croal Streets.

Smart City Solutions (SCS), the operators the parking meters in Georgetown, on Thursday has summoned a meeting with the National Commission on Disabilities (NCD) to discuss concerns about the location of several meters virtually in the middle of a number of pavements.

SCS further hinted that it would be willing to consider  removing those badly placed meters to ensure they do not obstruct disabled persons including the blind.

“SCS has spoken with and invited the NCD to meet with us and looks forward to holding a constructive discussion with the NCD to ensure that the placement of the meters conform to internationally accepted standards and practice while taking into account prevailing local conditions  in order to minimize any impact on the free movement of persons with disabilities, in particular, persons who are blind. SCS is committed to doing so as soon as may be practicable for the NCD,”  SCS said in a statement.

The meters are located on Water Street, Main Street, Robb Street and Avenue of the Republic.


The parking meter operator expressed veiled concerns that the NCD and the Guyana Teachers Union (GTU) opted to take their objections to the media instead of the company.


SCS said it seems than only a handful of  the more than 100 already erected meters are the subject of concern to the NCD.

From the day that Smart City Solutions was contracted by the M&CC to implement a state-of-the-art, efficient street metered parking platform to address the growing traffic congestion in Georgetown, the company has always taken care to ensure adequate transparency and forthrightness with the public and the media. SCS has also continued to remain open to any and all constituencies that would like to discuss the project.

  • rudeo

    scrap the damn idea and let the council come up with more workable ways to control traffic and ear revenue

  • rs dasai

    No way your opinions will matter in five years. Guyana moves forward.

  • Col123

    Gastric ulcers and hypertension are crippling preventable ailments… just enjoy the comedy..Guyanese love those folks.. whatever you call em!

  • Ashley Singh

    The people, it would appear do not know what power they possess. They are the ones who put the rulers in power and have the authority to remove them.

    Peaceful protests and demonstrations are instruments of the past.

  • Michael Grey

    I hope the lightening strikes these meters………. jus thinking out aloud.

  • Emile_Mervin

    Put the meters around City Hall, inside the Council Compound and inside the Council Chambers. Then attach a GPS-webcam to the foreheads of the Mayor, Town Clerk and Chairman of the Finance Committee to see how many times they are visiting the banks to collect their pieces of silver.