Sierra Leone man arrested buying engagement ring, fined $30,000 for illegal entry

Last Updated on Tuesday, 10 January 2017, 13:30 by Denis Chabrol

Samuel David, a 38-year-old Brazil resident from Sierra Leone was fined $30,000 on Tuesday by Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan and he will be deported.

The charge was made against David that on December 22, 2016, he entered Guyana through Lethem and did not present himself to the nearest immigration officer. David lived in Brazil for 15 years.

But it wasn’t until January 7, 2017 that he was arrested under suspicion of credit card fraud while attempting to purchase an engagement ring for his Guyanese girlfriend at Kings Jewellery World.

David’s lawyer, Nekeisha Singh, told the court her client used his credit card at the city jewellery store and the transaction was accepted.

However, Singh said she does not know if it was her client’s appearance, since he was wearing African-styled clothing, that he was falsely accused of credit card fraud.

When David was arrested at the city jewellery store, it was then that his passport, at the Criminal Investigations Department, was examined where it was found there was no record of him legally entering Guyana.

David, who has no previous conviction and no other pending charges in Guyana, told the court he lives close to the border town, Lethem, and regularly comes to Guyana to spend time with his girlfriend.

David’s lawyer went on to explain the articles paid for at King’s Jewellery world were not handed over though the transaction was successful.

Singh said her client does not want to be a burden to the state and rather than impose a non-custodial sentence, her client should pay a fine and be escorted to the nearest port of entry.

The chief magistrate ordered David’s passport, credit card, and Brazil drivers license be returned to him.