Harmon criticises media for jeopardising reputation of health ministry officials named in probe

Last Updated on Friday, 6 January 2017, 13:56 by Derwayne Wills

Following a recent probe into the Health Ministry’s pharmaceutical management procedure, Cabinet is yet to deliberate on the findings and recommendations of the probe.

But already, State Minister Joseph Harmon is blaming the media for “serialising” the matter possibly jeoparding the reputations of persons named in the probe.

“It has already been serialised in the media which is quite unfortunate. When things like that happen it affects the lives it affects the reputation of persons who are judged by the public before they are given an opportunity to be heard as our laws require for people against whom there are allegations,” Harmon said today at the first post-cabinet briefing for the year.

The inquiry was conducted by Retired Assistant Police Commissioner, Winston Cosbert and was expected to be submitted end of last November.

The report, seen by the media, recommended Trinidad-based company, Western Scientific Company, should be banned from tendering for drugs in Guyana.

It further recommended several top officials of Guyana’s Health Ministry either be removed or fired, including employee, Kendazie Aaron. The report said Aaron admitted, under oath, that she had spoken with Edwin Mc Koon of the Trinidad and Tobago company.

Harmon said while the one-man Inquiry has made recommendations, “it is up to the government once the recommendations are laid before them to decide on how these recommendations it will proceed.”

Cabinet, acceding to Harmon, is expected to deliberate on the report next week.

“It’s already out there,” Harmon said on the report’s leak to the media, “and the unfortunate thing about it is that characters are assassinated in that way unless you have the careful and measured response to some of the recommendations.”

Harmon said Cabinet will take action on the report, but recommendations of the inquiry does not always have to be followed.