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Guyana moves closer towards Diaspora policy

Guyana has decided to set up a ministerial sub-committee to help craft a  Diaspora policy, following recent concerns by New York-based Guyanese that they are being left out of decision-making.
Minister of State, Joseph Harmon said the roadmap for crafting the Diaspora Engagement Policy has alread received support from, among others, the International Organisation of Migration (IOM).
He said Cabinet has agreed that a sub -committee comprising the Ministers of Foreign Affairs, Public Security, State, Finance, Business and Citizenship has been appointed to examine proposals and advise on a final decision.
“What we hope to do is to be able to prepare a strategy which allows them to remain wherever they are and to be able to access information, to get decisions from government entities and agencies by just the click of a button on a computer. That is the direction in which we are moving,” Harmon told a post-Cabinet news conference.
Assurances that government is sticking to one of its campaign promises to engage the Diaspora in a structured manner has followed public concerns by a group of pro-government Guyanese in New York that they are being treated as outcasts although they had campaigned for  and  provided financiak support to APNU+AFC. They have also flayed government for failing to set up a Diaspora Commission or selecting an overseas-based Guyanese to be a parliamentarian.
Harmon said government is determined to ensure overseas-based Guyanese enjoy the ease of doing business in their homeland.
“We believe that it is important enough to ensure that our Guyanese in the diaspora that they have a specific point of reference on all of these issues,” he said.
The Minister of State said currently the point of reference is the Ministry of Foreign Affairs through Guyana’s consulates, high commissions and embassies abroad. “Very often our Guyanese brothers and sisters in the diaspora come home and try to get services provided to them when they are here,” he said.
Minister of Foreign Affairs, Carl Greenidge has assured overseas-based Guyanese that they are not being ignored, but his ministry is not an employment bureau.
President David Granger has called on overseas-based Guyanese to stop writing petitions and instead come back and invest in village economies.
He has said that he loves the Diaspora and has credited them with supporting him and his coalition’s election campaign.
  • rudeo

    wen u own flea bite yuh it wuss dan wen oder flea bite yuh!….my Agie (my paternal grandmother)

    • Emile_Mervin

      Sad that it had to take a public rebuking by Asquith Rose before the Coalition stirred. Still, it is not clear where the ministerial sub-committee is heading.

      Hopefully, though, some consideration is given to the financial role the Diaspora can play as investors (shareholders) in needed public-private partnerships. Government can also sell bonds towards specific projects where financial returns are shared by bondholders.

      Granger will definitely have to step up to the crease and bat like a true leader, or else this lingering and disturbing image of Joe Harmon et al running the government will discourage Diasporans.

      • Kassem_B

        ‘Another issue that troubles Diasporans is the out of control crime situation.’
        Look at the latest published figure
        Another 15% drop
        It is now reaching Zero after then might go negative


        u write and talk 2 much how much r u going to invest and in what
        u might never see a profit on your investments after all dem locals and underworked overpaid execs take their cut in pay benefits perks bribery corruption etc etc etc

        • Emile_Mervin

          You think and read too little to grasp my point. No country can develop with investment by both foreign and local folks. If every country has citizens who think like you…the sea bed is your bed.

      • Charles Selman

        Bro, valid reasoning! A check at the commercial Banks will reveal a severe shortage of foreign exchange. Is this in the open?
        When it was exposed a few weeks ago, Presi and the jokey Finance Minister and the square peg Gobin Ganga said: Not so; we have lots of F/X.
        After 18 months, no F/X?
        Who in the diaspora will invest in Guyana in such circumstance? I raised the matter with the Junior Minister of Finance recently. It was like talking to an alien.

  • RLSG

    What is the purpose diaspora do not live in Guyana. The youth who are neglected should be given more attention than the diaspora. They only count on the diaspora when they need money. Develop plans for young people, fix UG and other educational institutions who are in dire need of help.