Kaieteur News ‘grenade attack’ trio to stand trial at High Court, denied bail

Last Updated on Thursday, 5 January 2017, 12:19 by Derwayne Wills

Chief Georgetown Magistrate Ann McLennan has ruled prima facie cases have been established against the trio charged in connection with the grenade-throwing incident at Kaieteur News’s Saffon Street office, and the men will stand trial at the High Court.

Alfie Garraway, 36, of Lot 71 Norton Street; Janiel Howard, 20, of Lot 322 Section C Turkeyen and Leroy Williams, 25, of Lot 11 D’Urban Backlands were all denied bail and will stand trial at the next practical sitting of the Demerara Assizes.

Police Inspector Neville Jeffers requested bail be denied considering the nature and seriousness of the offences in each of the cases, to which the Chief Magistrate agreed.

In June 2016, police investigators were called to probe the presence of a grenade under the vehicle of Kaiteur News publisher, Glen Lall.

Ballistic experts had said the pin was detached from the live fragmentation grenade, but the most likely reason that it did not explode was because it malfunctioned due to poor storage.

At the time of the grenade attack last year, Kaieteur News staffers were nearby attending a wake for longstanding crime reporter, Dale Andrews.