Traffic policemen to be charged with marijuana trafficking

Last Updated on Tuesday, 20 December 2016, 23:01 by Denis Chabrol

Two traffic policemen, who are based at New Amsterdam, Berbice, are expected to find themselves before the court for allegedly being in possession of an estimated 5 kilogrammes of marijuana for the purpose of trafficking.
The constables were arrested after the compressed marijuana was found in a car owned by one of the policemen.
A car was intercepted on the West Coast Berbice public road by police, who were returning from Georgetown. The lawmen then escorted the car with the narcotic plant to the Berbice Bridge area to negotiate a settlement without anyone being charged.
After the alleged negotiations failed, the police allegedly placed the marijuana in the Guyana Police Force’s bus in which they were travelling back to Berbice.
Investigators further learned that on arrival at New Amsterdam, the policemen removed the marijuana and placed it  in the trunk of motorcar HC 3179 that is connected to one of the constables
Acting on information provided to a senior police officer, police broke into the car after the owner refused to open it, claiming that he did not have the keys.
The two policemen denied knowledge of the marijuana that was found in two bags in the car.
The case has been referred to the headquarters of the Criminal Investigations Department at Eve Leary.