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UPDATE: Dead bandits identified 

The two bandits, who were shot dead Sunday night shortly after robbing several persons at a family reunion, have been identified as persons who have had previous brushes with the law. 

They are ‎Jamal “Gaza” Letlow of John Fernandes Squatting Area  and Shaquielle Fraser of Better Hope, East Coast Demerara both 22 years old. Crime Chief Wendell Blanhum described them as “known characters.”

Letlow was arrested on four occasions for gun robbery and break and enter and larceny whilst his accomplice was arrested on two occasions for break and enter and larceny.‎

They were identified after police compared their fingerprints with records.

Police said the bandits were shot dead during an exchange of gunfire, shortly after they robbed six persons at Seaforth Street, Campbellville.

Enquiries disclosed that about 8:30 PM, the victims were in a yard at lot 53 Seaforth Street, Campbellville celebrating a “Family Reunion” when the now dead bandits, whilst armed, pounced and relieved them of their valuables.

“They discharged several rounds into the air during the commission of the crime. As they were leaving the scene, they were pursued by a number of public spirited citizens, the victims and ranks of a police patrol. They were cornered inside the compound of the Campbellville Secondary School where they discharged several rounds at the lawmen who returned fire  and fatally shot them,” police said.

An unlicensed revolver with five live rounds and a spent shell were recovered next to the slain bandits along with some of the stolen articles, which included five cellular phones, a chain and cash. Several spent shells were also retrieved at the scene of the crime.

  • rudeo

    bravo….jattan said crime is down….crossed eyes can only see in scattred directions

    • Gtloyal

      Think what you want but its less than two years ago.

      • Col123

        GT… try some eddoes in the lil pigtail soup…it would help you with them PPP propaganda…. you must be an expert at extrapolation of crime data…

        • Gtloyal

          Massa gaan wid de best part of de animal and lef yuh de tail and de hoof wid de ears and de face fuh eat wid lil extra peas and provison dat he caan sell and 200 years latuh yuh still believe dat he lef yuh de best part. Yuh a waan smart GT bannah.
          BTW, crime is less than two years ago … without phantom squads!

          • Col123

            Try some okra with that thing bro… Have a great Holiday and a safe healthy 17..the best

          • Gtloyal

            The same to you, me brodda. May 2017 bring the best to all Guyanese.

  • Lancelot Brassington

    It seems that the police are beginning to get on top of things. I believe that this crime wave is the result of lenient and compassionate treatment of repeat offenders. If the police should rub out a few more of these low lives many others will get the message. The police have also solved quite a few cases since being rid of Rohee, including some that had gone cold. Things will get even better with the new professional approach. Police however, need to be cautious about going the extra mile to arrest criminals who are brandishing dangerous weapons. There is an easier solution. Some soldiers like the mild mannered approach but that is not in line with their training and orientation. Being nice to people who do not intend to be nice to you can lead to the loss of your life.
    The magistracy can help by not granting bail to people because they are supposedly innocent victims of circumstances or because they have not yet lost their mothers’ features. This approach can come back to haunt the society.