Sherod Duncan withdraws from Mayoral, Deputy Mayoral race

Last Updated on Thursday, 15 December 2016, 22:31 by Denis Chabrol

Incumbent Deputy Mayor, Sherod Duncan on Thursday withdrew from the Mayoral and Depyty Mayoral race  one hour before Georgetown City Councillors are due to hold internal elections.

Already, veteran PNCR/APNU politician Amna Ally has said she does not expect anything to change because “we have the numbers.”
Following is Mr. Duncan’s statement.
When the tenure of President David Granger administration began we knew that it was not an end in itself but that Local Government Elections (LGE) would also be necessary and even so, the Guyana renaissance would not be realized until we made real the promises of totality of our democracy.

It is with this sense of mission infused in the historic Coalition Government I had hoped persons for the same governing coalition at Local Government share differences; who could agree to disagree and yet disagree agreeably.

It is therefore with a burgeoning democratic ethos that I began contending for the Mayoralty of the Municipality of Georgetown, hoping we could triangulate from President Granger’s vision for Capital Town as engines of regional and national development.

My own vision was to set us, within that framework, on a path to be a modern international city through the exercise of fiscal responsibility; meaningfully reengaging the business community and Private Sector, while recapitalizing City Hall towards efficiency and public service.

However, in the last few days the local government process has been tainted with ministerial intervention and it is my belief that Councillors have been coerced to give their support in a particular direction to maintain the status quo; undermining the democratic process.

This and the use of municipal resources to campaign for the incumbent does not auger well for our local democracy, and presents an un-leveled playing field; a selection of Mayor and not an election.

These factors have caused me to reevaluate my candidacy for Mayor. I therefore withdraw my candidacy for Mayor of Georgetown.

Additionally, I will not be contending for the Deputy Mayorship as this position requires someone more in tuned with the incumbent Mayor’s thinking and work ethic.

Serving the Municipality of Georgetown as Deputy Mayor has been a rewarding experience for me and an education. I have enjoyed the support of Councillors across the political divide, the Coalition Government’s confidence, (the Government continues to have my unswerving support) and I am humbled by the support of the residents of the Municipality of Georgetown.

I look forward to continue representing the residents of Constituency 14 South Ruimveldt / Ruimveldt Industrial Estate as their Councillor.