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Million$$$ spent on fully-funded scholarships for Gov’t Ministers, others close to APNU+AFC

Gov’t and Opposition MPs examine the document presented by State Minister Joseph Harmon

A question raised in the Supply Committee of the National Assembly by the political opposition for Minister of State Joseph Harmon to provide a list of all current government scholarship awardees has revealed a padded list of persons close to the David Granger administration granted scholarships to the tune of millions of dollars.

Junior Ministers of Education and Public Infrastructure, Nicolette Henry and Annette Ferguson are currently pursuing studies in the United States and United Kingdom, respectively.

Minister Henry’s scholarship for a doctorate in public health has so far racked up a sum of $3.3M, while Minister Ferguson’s scholarship has come in at the value of $3.3M.

Other awardees include former Education Ministry Chief Education Officer, Olato Sam, currently pursuing Education Policy studies in Jamaica to the tune of $946,000.

The daughter of the Minister of Education, Alicia Roopnaraine was listed as a first year Psychology student in the UK, with a Guyana government scholarship valued at $2.5M.

A Guyana Chronicle Board Director and close affiliate of the APNU+AFC, Tabitha Sarabo-Halley is currently pursuing Public Policy Management studies in the UK to the value of $3.4M.

There were also a number of undergraduate scholarships awarded. Those including high-achiever, Elisa Hamilton, who topped CSEC a few years ago. Hamilton’s scholarship was publicly announced owing to her stellar academic performance. Hamilton shares the space with quite a few law and medicine undergraduate students.

The list presented to the National Assembly includes a total of 38 scholarship awardees.

Junior Education Minister Nicolette does not believe her position as a government would have biased or prejudiced a the selection process. She said others should advocate for further training of political leaders.

The Minister told Demerara Waves Online that the process was advertised and the interested persons would have applied and been approved.

  • Tarron Khemraj

    Well they have exceeded the PPP. By the way, shouldn’t people be qualified and experienced before they become govt minister?

  • rudeo

    why should we be pious to the extent that we will ever have a govt without human failings….live with it!

  • Col123

    Boy!… you are one certified ignorant dumb azz coolie!..and I don’t even have to say why……among the very smart Indo friends I have including Indo relations…but your comments are very entertaining and give credence to the level and degree of idiots who exist amongst us!!!… and folks wonder why Guyana is going to hell the way it is?

  • Col123

    Get them some curried duck…they will perk up!

  • Col123

    This is beyond shameful….. where the resources should be utilized to elevate our smart needy kids to aspire to the exposure of a local university… these government folks saw it fit to to help themselves to that opportunity…It provokes my memories of my life in Guyana where eight O Levels at age seventeen offered me an opportunity to cut cane for a year… but life goes on… and it will for those robbed of any opportunities!

  • Parbudin Mackanlall

    It is possible to get a Phd online while being a government minister, unless you are pursuing a technical or scientific discipline that requires lab work or prolonged close interaction with an industry.For arts, humanities and social sciences it is entirely possible but it will take longer. Its all about scheduling your modules.
    I never said that work experience is sufficient. Work experience alone means one may be handicapped in terms of detecting deficiencies in a system and coming up with ways and means of improving or honing it. You may become an expert on one system, but still be unable to see anything wrong with it and unable to bring change.Academic training married to RELEVANT experience (not institutional memory) equips you to do this but academic training alone is only good for entry level jobs. Ask Ramotar’s son. I hasten to add that I am not familiar with your resume and I have not challenged your competence.
    WRT no imagination and policy being shown to integrate the diaspora into decision making there is some truth there. But the diaspora needs to understand that any such engagement should not mean dancing only to its tune and should not mean throwing tantrums if its suggestions are not adopted wholesale.Constructive engagement and cross fertilization of ideas and experiences at a proper time and forum should be the name of the game.
    By the way, whether my name is made up or made down is academic. Oops! No pun intended. Lets deal with substance. I don’t want to categorize you with the ‘Colonel’ and the learned Old Daag.