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Heavily armed bandits rob Corentyne money changer of GYD$22 million in cash, jewellery

The grill that the bandits removed to allow them to gain entry through a window to the residence of Devandra Churaman. They robbed him of more than GYD$20 million in cash and jewellery.

Several bandits, armed with assault rifles and shotguns, early Monday morning invaded the home of a money changer and carted of GYD$20.5 million in Guyanese and other currencies, police said.

Dressed in American camouflage suits, five of the 15 bandits entered the house through window from a shed leading to the window at 93 Albert Street, 79 Village Corentyne at about 1:45 AM. Sources said they removed a grill before breaking the window.

Investigators were told the robbers ordered 48-year old Devendra Churaman to lie on the ground while they demanded cash and jewellery.

Divisional Commander, Senior Superintendent Errol Watts said the men robbed Churaman of Guyana, United States and Suriname dollars with a total value of GYD$20.5 million as well about GYD$2 million in jewellery.

Churaman was not injured.

Watts said seven persons including a female, who is connected to one of the suspects, have been arrested. Searches of their homes, he said, have been carried out on their premises but no evidence has been found.

The Commander said the suspects from Canje, New Amsterdam and Corriverton, who range from 22 to 35 years, will be placed on identification parades and their hands and clothing would be tested for gun powder residue.

Watts said police have since recovered eight 7.62 X 39 spent shells, one live 7.62 X 39 live round, one live 12 gauge cartridge and two spent 12 gauge cartridge casings- an indication that AK-47 assault rifles were  fired by the robbers.

Police were told that the bandits fled the scene on foot and  might have eventually boarded a boat and motor vehicle.

During the robbery, sources said about 10 of the men took up strategic positions on the road to engage police had they responded to a report of a robbery in progress.

  • rudeo

    An invasion….has all the trappings of a well-organized military operation….wow!….Jattan has his hands full….he asked for the job….DO IT!

  • Stone_Cold

    As I will always say, I will never allow a Guyanese to rule me or even supervise me in a work environment. These are waste resources. Can you imagine that my fellow Guyanese has people like Carl Greenidge , Winston Felix ,, Basil Williams (The man who laugh with Winston Felix pon the phone, when they had the Brothers gas station robbed on the east bank. – 7 died that faithful day) making decisions that would affect their daily lives. And to crown it off David Granger to lead me. Is like the Blind leading the Blind.

    AND ALSO this include the PPP from Bharrat Jagdeo to Manikchand to ashni Singh

    Let the white man rule meh bloodclath. Non thiefman never touch meh in a deh \north America

  • Col123

    Another one a those Indo robbing himself and shooting up the place to make the government look bad?…nah… look like them PPP prapaganda.?…AK 47s..the dude stole that stuff from the Army?…Aah them Freedom Fighta brothas back from vacation!…where is the rajja khan substitute?….is it Grangie distribution of wealth programs he spoke about in his congress speech?… as shootist will say… them smart coolie gat big mansion and good looking wife…the envy continues…

  • Col123

    Simple… others are not commonly found in the mix and used in Guyana…