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‘John Corbie’ shot at Wings and Things

An East Ruimveldt resident is presently in a serious condition at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation, after being shot thrice about his body during an exchange of gunfire.

Police said the man was shot by a licensed firearm holder about 02:00 hrs Sunday morning at the Wings and Things Bar, located at Mandela Avenue.

Investigations revealed that the victim Martin Bovell, aka John Corbie, 48 years, a seaman of 374 East Ruimveldt was outside the Bar when an argument ensued between him and the suspect, over the victim resting his beer bottle on the suspect’s car trunk.

It was alleged that after the argument, the suspect went into the bar and was followed by the victim who allegedly discharged a round from a handgun in his direction and he (suspect) immediately drew his licensed handgun and discharged three rounds at the victim hitting him in the region of his chest and abdomen.

The victim was rushed to the hospital by patrons and is currently undergoing surgery. The suspect has since been taken into custody and his firearm lodged.

Four spent shells were retrieved at the scene. Investigation in progress.

  • Charles Selman

    Mr Presi, was Corbie a licensed firearm holder? If the licensed firearm suspect did not have his firearm, he would have been dead by now, thanks to you.

  • RLSG

    Guyana has degenerated into the Wild Wild West under the APNU+AFC administration … when will they realize that the Guyanese society is headed into hell in a hand basket

    • Gtloyal

      The APNU+AFC administration realizes that the Guyanese society may be “headed into hell in a hand basket” but its efforts to stop that means that it has to reverse all the wrongs that the PPP did during 23 years, and that is no easy task.
      With regards to weapons and crime, we must accept that the PPP licensed all friends, family and whoever could have afforded what we all know they used to ask for without doing any study of whether the person was qualified or not. They also created the conditions for an illegal weapons market … conditions which, unfortunately, still exists.
      Today we are experiencing the consequences of those wrongs.
      It is only an idiot who would say that the country has “degenerated” in 19 months.

  • Gtloyal

    Let me quote you:
    “Guyana has degenerated into the Wild Wild West under the APNU+AFC administration” That is an irresponsible statement that seeks to mislead public opinion for political gains of those who oppose them. You do know that by writing this untruth you are the one playing “the blame runaround” game.
    I cannot “start putting some responsibility on the APNU+AFC administration …” for a situation that they have inherited.
    I’ll always lay the blame on whoever I think is responsible and not on innocents because I somehow disapprove of them. If that’s what you go around doing, I’ll sadly say that it’s not conforming to accepted standards of morality.

  • Gtloyal

    Mr Sensible Bill, I am not saying that the things you mention are not so. What I am saying is that you cannot blame the present government for it being so. Weren’t things the same during the previous governments?
    What are you doing to change the situation apart from accusing the government? Instead of whining why don’t you find a way to collaborate and get things done as patriotic Guyanese are doing? Its not what the government can do for the country nor what the country can do for youut what you can do for your country.
    Sit back and complain if you will. Others will fix your ills for you.
    Over and out.