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Guyana’s High Commissioner to India recently summoned home– Foreign Minister

Guyana's High Commissioner to India, David Pollard.

Guyana’s High Commissioner to India, David Pollard.

Guyana’s High Commissioner to India, David Pollard was recently recalled to Georgetown for consultations and he has since returned to Delhi, Foreign Affairs Minister Carl Greenidge said Saturday.

“It is not unusual to ask Ambassadors to come and consult…If you call an Ambassador to come and speak to you, normally there will be something specific. Sometimes, it’s a crisis; it wouldn’t be something routine,” Greenidge said when asked by Demerara Waves Online News.

The Foreign Minister declined to divulge the reason for Pollard to be summoned to Guyana. “Basically it is not exceptional,” he said.

Demerara Waves Online News was told that the High Commission needs a lot of improvement but there was insufficient funds. It is also not the practice for foreign envoys to meet with diplomatic officials before they are properly accredited by the host country.

Pollard, a son-in-law of late President Forbes Burnham, is one of several politically appointed ambassadors by the now more than one-year old APNU+AFC coalition-led administration.

Pollard succeeded Attorney-at-Law, Ronald Gajraj, a former Home Affairs Minister who was sent to Delhi although a presidential commission of inquiry had found no credible evidence to link him to an alleged state-sponsored death squad.

  • rs dasai

    Nice last para. Really?

    • Col123

      I saw that for the first time… despite the political fanfare of illegal activity as a diplomat and loss of so many of my black brothas…well…we will have to accept that we freedom fightas killed out themselves unless we get a COI…but then again, freedom fighting is a deadly business with shady leaders!

      • Surujpaul Rampersaud

        Not all who pose as freedom fighters are truly freedom fighters. Some are vagabonds and bandits. The ” drinkers of blood” of the French Revolution were not freedom fighters.

  • Col123

    Bunch of azzholes representing Guyana in India.. our niggas can never learn..

  • Col123

    What do you expect from these azzholes?

  • Surujpaul Rampersaud

    One of my relatives on a scholarship to India during the seventies was brought back to Guyana to do 3 months of national service at the UMRP. He told me personally that it was a government paid holiday. What a waste of public funds. Remember what the ant told the grasshopper. ” when sing all summer you will have to dance during winter”
    Greenidge was once our finance minister.