US President recognises work of Guyanese home care CEO

Last Updated on Saturday, 19 November 2016, 21:46 by Denis Chabrol

United States (US) President, Barack Obama on Saturday recognised the contribution of a young Guyanese lady  in her homeland in the area of care for the elderly, in his address at a Town Hall meeting in Peru.

“We need leaders like Abbigail Loncke of Guyana; Abigail are you there? So after struggling to find her own grandfather a home care, Abigail realized there is a problem for so many other families so she started Community Healthcare, a home care agency, and she started out as a service to help families take care of their loved ones but now has a social movement that also provides training and job opportunities for young women in healthcare so thank you Abigail for the work that you are doing,” the outgoing American leader said to loud applause.

Loncke, 31, stood in acknowledgement of  Obama’s recognition of her work during his address in Peru with the Young Leaders of the America’s Initiative participants and other guests.

Abigail Loncke, Founder and CEO of the Guyana-based Community Health Care.

Abigail Loncke, Founder and CEO of the Guyana-based Community Health Care.

When Demerara Waves Online News contacted Loncke, she said she was entirely surprised when the US President mentioned her name and the work she is doing. “I was not expecting that, it completely blew my mind. I was of course speechless but it cemented the fact someone, even if it’s the President of USA appreciates what I am doing,” she said.

Located at 228 Cummings Street Bourda, Georgetown, the three-year old agency, Community Health Care, provides home care for the elderly, babysitting and maid services for home and office. “We do this through training of young ladies and women and providing them employment. We believe in giving women second chances in life and supporting them with employment and other social challenges they may face whilst taking care of the needs of all of our clients,” she said.

One of Loncke’s mentors, Julie Turner Smith, remarked on Facebook: “So happy for this sweet young woman that I had the pleasure to mentor briefly during her time in Huntsville. God is using her in Guyana, South America to care for the aging population while also creating jobs for her community! Way to go.”

The Founder and CEO of Community Healthcare was born on the Essequibo Coast. She is an alumnus of Anna Regina Primary school and Anna Regina Multilateral School.  She studied Psychology at the at the Open University UK Psychology.

Community Healthcare can be contacted by phone or WhatsApp on +592-659-0239