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Cocaine mule excreting pellets

A 46 year old, West Demerara resident is under police guard at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation, excreting cocaine pellets, after being nabbed at the Check-in Area of the Cheddi Jagan International Airport, police said.
He was arrested at about 2 O’clock Wednesday afternoon. Police said transporter, a 35 year, taxi driver also of West Demerara was taken into custody.
The 46 year old who has been on the police’s radar for sometime now, so far excreted 61 of the 91 cocaine pellets which have been detected via X-ray. The amount retrieved thus far amounted to 444 grams.
He was an outgoing passenger bound for the USA.
  • Col123

    Cocaine ” mule”… a cross between a donkey and a horse?…these journalists need to get with the program… the line should read “jackass shitxing bricks”…

    • ExPPP_Man

      Then everyone will think it’s you the journalists are talking about.

      • Col123

        I stepped on your toes there bud?..seems like you are having a tough day!….