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Cuban woman shot, robbed opposite City Hall

A Cuban woman was shot and robbed opposite City Hall, Regent Street, Georgetown, police said.

She is 61-year old Maria Puig who is residing in Guyana.

Sources said the woman was shot to her right arm and robbed of GYD$5,000 at about 12:15  PM. City Police pursued the robbers, who fled on motorcycles, but up to late Wednesday afternoon no one was arrested.

Puig was taken to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC).

She subsequently opted to seek medical attention at a private hospital.

  • JC

    Light skinned people are targets. Done know.

  • Col123

    Those same foolice are involved in most of these incidents. Do you really believe that any teacher, nurse , police, soldier can survive on that salary. Since independence , the salary structure for a bloated govt. bureaucracy has been a challenge….That is the reason why we need an economic plan that will foster private industries and manufacturing . Those with money are holding on to it because of the political uncertainty and non inclusion of other groups in development ⛳️