Arrest warrants issued for persons who posted bail for drug lord Barry Dataram, others

Last Updated on Friday, 23 September 2016, 22:54 by Denis Chabrol

Arrest warrants have been issued for the persons who posted bail for self-confessed drug lord Barry Dataram and Anjanie Boodram following another no-show by the two at Court.

Legal representative of the drug lord and his reputed wife, Glenn Hanoman told Magistrate Judy Latchman that since the last court meeting on Tuesday, when the couple failed to show up, he has neither seen nor heard from them.

On Tuesday, arrest warrants was issued for the duo but the court learned that an attempt to make an arrest has so far proven unsuccessful.

The constable in charge of making the arrest was called upon by Magistrate Judy Latchman and he informed the court that he, along with a Customs Anti-Narcotics (CANU) officer and three other ranks, visited the premises of both accused but they were nowhere to be found.

The policeman added that he also visited another known residence of Dataram and was informed by his aunt that she has not seen nor heard from him.

The arrest warrants that were issued for Dataram and Boodram was tendered as evidence against the two.

The magistrate then issued a summons for the two bail officers in the matter since she stated that they need to be present to give an account on the whereabouts of the accused.

The matter will be called again on September 28, 2016. Meanwhile, the other two accused in the matter- Kevin Charran and Neville Gouveia- were once more warned by the magistrate to continue showing up in Court lest she issues warrants for them as well.

The four are facing trial for allegedly being in possession of  129.230 kilogrammes (284 pounds) of cocaine. The Customs Anti-Narcotics Unit (CANU) states that the narcotic was found on April 16, 2015 at Dataram’s  house located at 661 Silver Dam, Fourth Avenue, Diamond Housing Scheme.

All four of the accused should have appeared together on September 20, 2016 to hear whether they would be called upon to lead a defence or that the case would be dismissed against them.

(by Abigail Semple)