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Crisis at GPHC: Matron to be sent on leave

Health care delivery is currently in crisis at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) as the standoff between doctors and the Chief Matron, Colleen Hicks at the facility continues unabated.

Chairman of the GPHC Board of Directors, Dr Carl ‘Max’ Hanoman met with media operatives on Thursday at its Resource Centre, to provide a brief on the unsavoury situation at the hospital.

Dr Hanoman confirmed reports of a petition signed by staff members calling for her removal, along with a substantive recommendation for the immediate suspension of the matron in order to facilitate an investigation into numerous allegations of insubordination, among other issues.

“At the present time we have a crisis at the hospital,” said Dr Hanoman, since doctors working in the facility have taken a hard-line stance against the matron in question.

He said it is recommended that the matron go an administrative leave with full benefits so as to facilitate a inquiry.

Dr Hanoman was quick to point out that as non executive chairman of the board, he does not have the authority “to send anybody home…those actions rest with the CEO (Chief Executive Officer).”

He was at the time responding to subject Minister Dr. George Norton, who had called for the Board to resolve the internal issue.

According to Dr Hanoman, Hicks has been made aware of the allegations and recommendations against her.

Dr Hanoman stressed that a position was adopted by some that it is in the best interest of the functioning of the hospital that the matron be sent on leave with immediate effect. He conceded that there were factions within the hospital staff supportive of the matron remaining on the job, while others continue to agitate for her immediate removal.

Dr Hanoman said the Board had sought an update from the CEO who in turn informed that the matron has in fact been ignoring official instructions.

It was disclosed too that the previous hospital CEO had also expressed displeasure at the actions of the matron. Dr Hanoman told media operatives the matron was in fact sent home last year and he is unclear as to how she was reinstated.

Further compounding the situation at the hospital is the fact there is currently no board constituted, an acute nursing shortage and a plethora of defective equipment at the nation’s premier healthcare facility.

  • Col123

    Real sad situation . Wishing that the care of the infirm is not compromised. Where is the Hospital CEO?… The Board of Directors??..The Minister of Health??…The Med. Director seems to be on his own!…

  • Col123

    Truth.. Guyana is not the dystopia that you may be suggesting. It may be dysfunctional. Guyanese are a privileged group.. Guyanese will not have to wait in a line to get into heaven .. St Peter will call them forward to enter heaven without any questions asked!!! the reasoning is simple …Guyanese citizens suffer a life in hell here already, before passing..and St Peter knows that..

    • Truth !

      Col69 u misunderstood my points
      name d ways guyanese r privileged
      hask d trinis and bajans how privileged guyanese r
      hask d border points in usa,canada,uk,europe etc etc etc how privileged guyanese r
      wheh st petah deh

    • Reason

      They voted for the oppressors. Guyanese are sticklers for punishment. I wouldn’t give them any free passes to heaven.

  • Gtloyal

    Insubordination should not be permitted.

    • Reason

      We need facts, facts, facts. I have seen this movie time immemorial. It’s quite interesting to also hear Dr. Hanoman extolling the improvements the health institution has made over the past months. Could it be further without the matron? I don’t know. Just asking for balance.