I eat the food prepared for inmates – Camp Street Prison Kitchen Officer

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Oldfield Romelus

Oldfield Romelus

Oldfield Romelus, one of the Officers at the Camp Street Prison with responsibility for preparing meals for prisoners says that he eats the very food that is prepared and it is far from what some inmates have described it.

Since the Commission into the Camp Street had commenced prisoners have decried the meals being served to them, with one prisoner saying that they received “bare tea” for breakfast.

Bare tea as described by the prisoner is hot water mixed with sugar.

When Romelus took the stand on Monday, he said that he was one of the persons cooking the meals.

“When I report for duty I ate tea breakfast and dinner that I prepared for prisoners before I went home to the bachelors quarters,” he stated.

A very emotional, Romelus said that while he is from Berbice, he was posted to Georgetown and found it somewhat difficult to provide for his family.

Food served to the prisoners

Food served to the prisoners

As a result of this, he would send all of his earnings to his family and survive on the prison food.

Carl Brown, a prison inmate who testified at the Commission of Inquiry, had taken to social media to complain about his meals.

Brown on his Facebook profile complained about the meals being served to them at the penal center even posting a photo of what he described as Lunch.

“Today midday pan top for lunch eggplant with chicken stew you can’t really see the chicken in the stew. Lol then this is improvement in meals. So imagine what inmates got before this massacre issue, they say we are getting better meal,” Brown said in one post.

In another complaining about food again, Brown displays a “pan top with 2 thin slices of Potato, as set of wheels rice and a little piece of banga Mary fish tail.”