UG reaches out to private sector, diaspora for support

Last Updated on Thursday, 11 February 2016, 12:51 by Writer

As part of plans to transform the University of Guyana to keep it relevant with courses that are in demand, the University is making a pitch and inviting persons from the private sector and the diaspora to get onboard.

Under the leadership of UG’s Chancellor Professor Nigel Harris the University has embarked on a project that would see collaborations with Guyana’s private sector and other stakeholders to implement a paradigm shift for the University.

Speaking on Thursday at the opening of a three day seminar on the issue, Harris posited that the perils at the University are many and well document hence it is now time to find the solution.

He said that it is his hope that the University become a place where Guyanese are proud to send their children and not just a “fallback” University if studying abroad does not work out.

“The private sector that benefits so much will be expected to play a role…this has got to be a uniform effort, we have to mobilize society in an endeavor to do something in ways that it has not been done before,” said Harris.

The Chancellor emphasized the need for external support aside from Government pointed out that the transformation should be regarded as a “moment of opportunity.”

“If we cant attend to students needs in a  comprehensive way then we are not serving them well,” he said while noting that there will be no reinventing of the wheel to solve UG’s issues.

“If we are going to be competitive then we need to do much more,” he also stated.

Meanwhile, acting Vice Chancellor Barbara Reynolds stated that the University and society must have a conversation that would lead to a compact between the two.

“The University of Guyana must enter into a company with the rest of the country…a compact that will be quid pro quo saying this is what we are demanding of you and this is how we will be supporting you,” said Reynolds.

The seminar will continue over the next two days and will see presentations from different interest groups in the private and public sectors.

One of the presenters on the first day was Banks DIH Ltd.